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Culinary Entrepreneurship – How to Build a Successful Restaurant

Seeing the smile on the guest's face - that is something special, something that truly matters.

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Open Access Days

On August 1st, 2nd and 3rd talk to our students during Open Access Days.

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Italian Michelin Chefs are back at Kul IN

Food and different cuisines always provide us with a lesson in culture, history and geography, as they represent a characteristic way of living and being. Having that in mind, we can safely deduce that national cuisines are the symbol of national spirit and soul.

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Traveling, culinary arts and more – Federica Moore

"Being around thousands of students from all over the world is the best thing. Learning about their cultures and teaching them about ours makes me feel like I'm always traveling, and that is very important for me. I learn from my students every day."

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Pursuing Italian Cuisine

"I have decided to continue my education at ALMA because I want that first-hand insight into the foundations of Italian gastronomy to be an important signpost for the rest of my career. I think studying at ALMA will be a stepping stone for my career. "

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Professional pastry with a French twist

"I experienced full freedom regarding my work in the kitchen almost from the beginning, and after three weeks I started creating pastries by myself. I am very happy to have been given that opportunity. I dare say I have made a lot of progress, the idea of working in a professional kitchen doesn't seem strange to me anymore."

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Dream career at Meneghetti

„Persistence pays off! They say dreams can't come true but that is not the case. If you diligently work on your dream, you can and may realize it. I am making my dreams come true this very second.“

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I grow and make progress every day

"After the internship I am going to Borgo Santo Pietro De Luxe Resort where I got a job offer as a chef de partie, and in October, when the resort is closed, I am going to Norway for two months in Maaemo. I'm currently fascinated by Nordic cuisine, and I want to experience and familirize myself with it as much as possible"

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Pastry chef Sanja Sajko - Open house day

We invite you to join us on Monday, April 29, 2019, from 1 pm to 4 pm for a pastry chef Sanja Sajko workshop. Along with workshop and getting a tour of the school, students have a chance to speak with the instructors and staff, meet the current students, and learn about the internship opportunities that Kul IN offers as part of its programs. If you would like to arrange a tour of the school and speak with the instructors and staff, reserve your spot.

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Join Kul IN’s international student network

If gastronomy is on the list of your priorities, join us this summer and become a part of Kul IN’s international student network! Enrolment period is opened until July 19th!

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I teach a profession, not some recipes

"I think that cooking is a very humoral matter. When you do something for the sake of doing it and you manage to go outside the box you get the best results. Most of the time routines kills creativity, as a consequence, by avoiding it I have always obtained great satisfaction."

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Inspired by the sea - chef Piero Di Turi

As a part of Next Generation Chef event, in the cooperation with partner school ALMA, La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, Culinary Institute Kul IN will host prominent Italian chef Piero Di Turi on Tuesday, April 16, 2019.

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Advanced Culinary Program

This new international culinary program offers students the insight and opportunity to experience comprehensive learning about gastronomy and hospitality. Students will have the opportunity, after two months of studying culinary arts at Kul IN, to continue their education at a school in Lucerne, Switzerland. Partner school from Switzerland, the Business and Hotel Management School offer students the opportunity to further develop their culinary skills and knowledge with the help of top-ranking lecturers from around the world.

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Sanja Sajko - chasing dreams

Sanja’s professional story is truly inspirational due to the fact she started working as a pastry chef later in life when she decided to quit her steady job and embrace her true love, pastries pastry-making. Ever since a TV show made her the star that she is, her professional pastry career has been progressing rapidly. Besides pastry making, Sanja also enjoys being a mentor. She shares her professional knowledge and experience with Kul IN students where she works as a guest lecturer.

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Creativity as a priority

„In my second year of study, I shared a flat with five girls and I got really obsessed with baking. They'd wake up in the morning and three different types of cakes were waiting for them on the counter. Eventually, they said: „Laura you've got to do something with this“. That was when I started thinking of doing baking as a profession. That locked my mind.“

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Let your passion for cooking fuel your career

Chef Fabio Vitale, an Executive Chef with world experience, has recently started working at one of Croatia's top restaurants and boutique hotels, Meneghetti. Together with pastry chef Dragana Kovačević he prepared a masterclass at Culinary Institute Kul IN in which students had a chance to meet them and experience their work and expertise.

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Chef Andrea Ruisi

"I believe cooking is the best way to get in touch with history, different cultures, and nature as well. When you cook, you activate all your senses, hearing, sight and, of course, taste."

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Career worth journey from Australia

Studying in Europe can be a thrilling professional and life experience, and studying in Croatia is an oncoming trend. With its fusion of Mediterranean, Central European and bit of Middle Eastern Cuisines, Croatia definitely offers a culinary journey worth thinking about. As an international culinary school for cooks, pastry chefs, and sommeliers, we are always happy to have ambitious and talented students from all over the world, and our alumni team from Australia is one of those. Meet our students from Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Some of them are running their private culinary projects, and others stayed in Europe, working in Michelin restaurants. Read more...

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Meet the world with your culinary diploma

Professional cooks and pastry chefs surprise us with their amazing menus, which fuse personal gastronomic tradition with the multitude of experiences from their education and work abroad. Constant communication, practice, and work with colleagues from around the world make studying at Kul IN a one-of-a-kind experience. The international setting allows students to build networks, which will help them prepare successfully for their upcoming culinary career. We are accepting applications for our August programs until July 19, 2019!

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Internship in France

Start building your culinary experiences in one of the gastronomically most influential countries of the world, in France. Internships lasting from three to six months allowing trainees to work in an international environment, to gain international references, unique professional experience and learning, and specialized their knowledge in French cuisine.

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Wine program

Within the wine program, we use theoretical and hands-on training so that students can have a complete insight into the world of wine. Upon completion, the student is going to have knowledge to independently determine wine quality, select wines, pair wine with food and compose the wine chart.

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Studying Enriched with Italian Culture and Gastronomy

Preserving its rich culinary tradition through generations and carefully supplementing it with new ideas, Italy has earned its status as a dominant world gastronomic power. And, while today’s world is intent on globalizing high cuisine, Italy managed to maintain its autonomy and innovation through an earnest approach to gastronomy and food processing industry, thus becoming a leading superpower in training future chefs. Today, modern Italian cuisine is a model for the world gastronomy and its mind-set.

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All I love about gastronomy

„For me, it's great to have a diploma and skills because no matter where I go, even if I go to a foreign country, I don't have to speak their language I can just show them what I can do.“

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Advice for Aspiring Chefs

Inspiration comes from everything around me - the marketplace, fish market, television, not just culinary shows. Social media inspires me as well, as do team discussions. There are no rules when it comes to inspiration.

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    Culinary Institute Kul IN is the first private culinary and restaurant management college in Croatia. Our mission is to guarantee you the best professional culinary education possible...

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    Our vision is to uphold the reputation of an institute for higher education. We are professional in our work and integrated with our surrounding community...

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Our programs

The Culinary Institute Kul In inspires perfection in the culinary world, and is Croatia’s leader in educating students interested in the culinary arts. Our innovative approach to culinary education emphasizes  individual creativity, highlighting
the details that each student’s unique background and experiences add to their cooking. We don’t simply make chefs; we make future culinary leaders, and thus change the way the world views gastronomy.

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