Kul IN Klub – Kul IN’s new zero-waste classroom and lunchroom

We interviewed Maya Sertic, project manager at Kul IN and designer of our newest educational facility, Kul IN Klub, or KIK for short. Maya graduated from UC Santa Cruz with degrees in Ecology and Environmental Studies, and she completed her master’s degree in Marine Biology in Zagreb, Croatia. She’s a passionate environmentalist interested in finding ways to make industries a little greener in their work.
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Meet the world with your culinary diploma

Professional cooks and pastry chefs surprise us with their amazing menus, which fuse personal gastronomic tradition with the multitude of experiences from their education and work abroad. Constant communication, practice, and work with colleagues from around the world make studying at Kul IN a one-of-a-kind experience. The international setting allows students to build networks, which will help them prepare successfully for their upcoming culinary career. We are accepting applications for our August programs until July 24, 2020!
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A Tradition of the Golden Valley

The journey that our food makes on its way to the table is thorny, and demonstrates a major shift in human culture and livelihood. However, the hard work, effort, and knowledge that have been passed down through generations to today’s dinner tables deserve our appreciation. Because mankind’s love for good food is as long and wondrous as humanity itself.
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