International Week of Italian Cuisine

The International Week of Italian Cuisine is a celebration that is held simultaneously in over 100 countries around the world. In the celebration of the International Week of the Italian Cuisine, we will have a special culinary show. The culinary show will be led by the famous Italian chef Isa Mazzocchi, whose restaurant La Palta was awarded a Michelin star. Professor Fabio Amadei, professor of History and Culture of Italian Gastronomy at the Italian Culinary Academy ALMA, will present the magical connection between the Emilia-Romagna region, composer Giuseppe Verdi and the art of cooking. Reserve your spot on the cooking show!
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Meet the world with your culinary diploma

Professional cooks and pastry chefs surprise us with their amazing menus, which fuse personal gastronomic tradition with the multitude of experiences from their education and work abroad. Constant communication, practice, and work with colleagues from around the world make studying at Kul IN a one-of-a-kind experience. The international setting allows students to build networks, which will help them prepare successfully for their upcoming culinary career. You can apply for the January programs until December 4!
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Managers in Culinary Arts

The goal of our programs is, besides developing practical knowledge and skills from the culinary cultures worldwide, to offer the basics to our students so that they can create their own identity all over the world by their further work. Because of the fact that we expect our students, after having finished some of the offered programs, to work in tourism and service industry, we consider that, besides the already mentioned culinary knowledge and skills, it is necessary to develop their business, communicative and managing skills as well. That is why the subject Restaurant management has been made a part of the compulsory program.
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