Kul IN Alum In Sweden

Today, the Kul IN alum Ivan Marinović is realizing his professional dreams as a chef in Sweden and is making progress every day. It’s easy to forget that his career almost went in a completely different direction. Meet Ivan and learn what he was like as a Kul IN student and catch up with him today when he is a chef. Read the interview to find out what working in an international environment is like, how Ivan progresses through the kitchen ranks and what his beginnings at Kul IN looked like.
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Asian Cuisine Workshop

The Asian Cuisine workshop will introduce the students to the techniques, concepts and postulates on which the most popular Asian dishes are based.
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New Teaching Chef - Kul IN Team Is Growing

After 19 years of working in a bank, Natalija Jagunić decided to turn her hobby into a business opportunity, and finding the right education program was an important part of her business plan. She enrolled in the Professional Pastry and Confections program, became a Kul IN alumna and successfully started her own business. Now, she is returning to us as a lecturer!
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