Professional Advice By Renowned Croatian Pastry Chef

With interns, I most like to see the enthusiasm for work, and if I feel their diligence, that person will always stand out above others. The passion for baking and doing what we do is sacred to me, making desserts with emotion cannot be compared to anything else. If emotions disappear, the only thing that's left is the mechanics and routine.
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Perks of Studying at Kul IN - Career Day

Gastronomy and Hospitality are bouncing back stronger than ever and creating new job opportunities. We are happy that we can be a part of that story and help our alumni and students find job opportunities even in these unprecedented times. Therefore, we have organized another Career Day with our partners from Meneghetti Hotel and Winery, intended for all of our students and alumni looking for job and internship opportunities.
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New Strengths in the COVID-19 Time

We have learned that although this time is scary in many ways, it presents us with opportunities to focus on ourselves, further our education, explore self-improvement and train our courage in private and professional realm.
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