Alumni: Goran Golub

“Even as a child I loved playing with food, and I was always bothering my mom and grandmother in the kitchen. Vocational school for cooks seemed like a good option for me after elementary school. Although secondary school doesn’t necessarily need to direct your choice of profession, I’m glad that I started so young. As a 20 year old, I’ve already completed specialized courses and I have some work experience under my belt, not to mention that it’s international work experience. I think it’s great when people have a clear idea of what they want while they’re young, because they can easily turn their passion into their profession.”


When you discover your ideal career early on, you feel like the sky is the limit. Although reaching your dreams seems much simpler during childhood, it is exactly that naïve love which can lead a youngster to success. Goran Golub had no trouble defining his dreams; he quickly realized that he wanted to be a chef. After completing secondary school for cooks and interning at the renowned Sisak restaurant Cocktail, he decided to continue his schooling through Kul IN’s joint Italian program. Goran was part of Kul IN’s first generation of students, which was also a generation with an exceptionally sincere desire and passion for gastronomy. As part of a team that always asked for more, he quickly made new friends and built the confidence for new challenges waiting in Italy.

Interesting classes, hours in the kitchen, and field trips to production centers for prosciutto, parmesan, and autochthonous sorts of wine were only an introduction to the internship that Goran himself chose in the Northern Italian region of Trentino-Alto Adige in the Hotel Reastaurant Kirchsteiger. Kirchsteiger is located in the small city of Völlan in the valley Etsch. Amidst vivid nature and mountain air, Christian Pircher who was named the most promising young chef of South Tyrol, leads the family restaurant. Not only do the menus call for fresh and local ingredients, they aim to form a unique blend of northern Italian and southern Italian cuisines.  Along with enjoying this variety of culinary influences, Goran also needed to learn a variety of linguistic differences. South Tyrol is a unique scene because of the influence of central European cuisine, so both Italian and German were commonly used in the restaurant. 

After completing his summer exams, Goran returned to Croatia with his diploma and the clear goal to find a job abroad. After two months of searching, he received the opportunity to work in a Danish restaurant, but his real desire was to return to Italy. His exceptional relationships with professors at Kul IN and ALMA helped him chase down a pastry-chef job in Ristorante Caffe Garibaldi. Goran quickly packed his bags and moved from Denmark south to Vicenza, Italy. The fine dining restaurant is led by head chef Francesco Fedrighi, and Goran has become a valuable part of the team of cooks. As a young man of twenty, Goran has already claimed a piece of his childhood dream. Always eager for new adventures, Goran swapped his Italian address with an Irish one, where he worked as a sous chef in The Lazy Lamb restaurant and commis chef in Fernhill House hotel. Upon returning to Croatia, he started working as a sous chef in the newly opened restaurant Voncimer, a project started by Kul IN alumni Tatiana and  Andrii. Continuing to build on his Croatian culinary career, Goran then moved to Dubrovnik to work as the chef of restaurant Amfora. We doubt that this is the end of Goran's story, and we're excited to hear where his life will lead him next!

“At the beginning of your career, it is very important not to skip certain steps. First, find a good school and quality mentors. Keep track of all the modern trends in gastronomy because this profession changes quickly. I think it is the duty of young chefs to bring Croatia’s gastronomy to its feet and into the world’s culinary scene. It is simply a wonderful challenge, and I would love to see future young cooks keep that in mind when they get started.”


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