Sometimes it seems as though our schooldays will never end. Especially when exams start, students begin lowering their faces into their palms and wondering if the diploma is really worth all the hassle. But they tough it out, read the books, attend the classes, and cook their way through the practicums, and finally reach graduation. They celebrate with family, recounting stories of their experiences, diploma in hand and all the confidence of King Kong. But beneath the façade a new fear is growing: finding employment.

The job search is no easy task: it requires confidence, communication, and presentation skills that aren’t taught in school, not to mention the bravery needed to venture out into a new world. We bring you three success stories of what it feels like to be a trained cook having graduated from Kul IN’s joint Italian program. The three students all completed the program “Professional Cook of Italian Cuisine,” and after their international education they quickly stepped into a new phase of their lives. Today, only a few months after graduating, they work in exceptional restaurants where their skills and talents can shine.