One Culinary Step At a Time


My favorite lesson was when we prepared beef steak, and the favorite dish I prepared on the program was duck breast with sweet potato puree and honey with caramelized orange fillets. 




Many decide to take the easy, well-traveled career path only to realize it makes them unhappy and unsatisfied with their efforts in the end. The Kul IN alumnus Danijel Biro did not let this happen to him. He realized that despite getting a formal education in a slightly different field, his true love had always been culinary arts. He decided to take a different route. Today, he says that the key to success is taking everything one step at a time and dedicating yourself to what you love. Read the interview with Danijel to find out what his hopes for his future career are, and how he plans to make his dreams come true.

Kul IN: Do you have any fond childhood memories of food preparation?

- I started cooking with my grandmother when I was five years old. Over time, I enjoyed cooking more and more on my own and the passion for food preparation grew. Still, I did not go to culinary high school; I studied to become a tourism-hotel commercialist in high school.

Kul IN: When did you become determined to succeed in culinary arts?

- I enrolled in the tourism and hospitality department because I thought I would get a wider array of skills and knowledge but my love has always been culinary arts and that's the only thing I see myself doing in the future.

Kul IN: Did you have any work experience prior to coming to Kul IN?

- I have some work experience, during my schooling I interned at several restaurants, and in that period, I also worked alongside famous Croatian chefs, for example I assisted the chef Tomislav Špiček in a cooking show.

Kul IN: Why did you choose Kul IN?

- I heard Kul IN had good reviews and I saw it for myself when I checked the online reviews. I realized that Kul IN is the best place for quality culinary education in Croatia.

Kul IN: What are your expectations after the program, how will it help you further your career?

- I think that the program prepared me well for the rest of my career, we learned various techniques, worked with different interesting ingredients and mastered the foundation of culinary arts, which is the most important part, the rest comes with experience.

Kul IN: Which lesson was your favorite? Favorite dish you prepared on the program?

- My favorite lesson was when we prepared beef steak, and the favorite dish I prepared on the program was duck breast with sweet potato puree and honey with caramelized orange fillets.

Kul IN: How would you rate your progress?

- I know a lot more than before and I honed my skills during the program.

Kul IN: What do you like to prepare in your free time?

- Meat! I do not cook often for family and friends, but sometimes I prepare small portions to practice, I experiment on my own. For example, I tried to make crystal bread, it’s not complicated in terms of ingredients, but the preparation technique is quite demanding.

Kul IN: Do you prefer traditional or modern techniques?

- I love French restaurant style of cooking, and I am also interested in molecular gastronomy.

Kul IN: Plans for the future?

- I want to progress gradually - first I want to get a job in a restaurant that does not have so many guests or a complex menu, and my ultimate goal is to work in a fine dining restaurant with a Michelin star.

Kul IN: What motivates you?

- My biggest motivation is when I can make guests happy with my food.

Kul IN: Do you have any advice for future students?

- It is very important to focus during classes and practicum sessions. They should pay close attention to practicums and practice even in their free time.

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