Italian Culinary Program

Culinary Institute Kul IN and partner school ALMA la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana offers an international joint program for students interested in specializing professionally in Italian cuisine. This 10-month program produces fully trained professional cooks who are specialized in the art of Italian cuisine. The unique curriculum gives students the opportunity to practice their newly acquired skills, which they’ve gained through intensive training at Kul IN and ALMA, by interning at elite Italian restaurants and hotels. Interning abroad gives students the invaluable opportunity to network internationally and connect with some of the most successful chefs in Italy and the world.


The course is designed to give students not just theoretical and practical training in Italian Cuisine but a comprehensive Italian Experience, combining the Italian culinary culture, language, history, and field trips. Students train under the leadership of some of the best Italian chefs in a fast-paced and dynamic international setting.

Upon successful completion, each student will receive a final degree:

  • Professional Diploma ˝Cook of Italian Cuisine - Advanced Level˝
  • Certificate of Professional Qualification of ˝Operatore alla Produzione Pasti - Level EQF 4˝

Program length: 10 months

Training in Kul IN:

  • 10.10.2023. – 19.12.2023.
  • 16.01.2024. – 21.03.2024. 
  • 02.04.2024. – 11.06.2024. 


Program cost per student: 20.500,00 Euros

For our first minute students, we offer a 375 € discount on program tuition. To grab this voucher, you need to complete your application process and pay the tuition two months before the program start date.

NOTE: Starting with June 1, 2023. program tuition fees will change. The new tuition fee for the part of the program held at Kul IN will be 9.250,00 EUR (VAT included). Students who complete the application process by that date, enroll in the desired program at the current price.

The enrollment period for all intake dates is open!

Included in the price are:

  • classes, practical training, and materials for the program
  • housing in the city where the class is taking place (Sisak, Colorno, internship)
  • lunch Monday-Friday during school hours (Sisak, Colorno, internship)
  • transportation for field trips
  • food and board in the city of the host restaurant

Not included:

  • weekend meals
  • transportation between Colorno and the city where internship takes place

1. Training in Sisak

Students spend two months at Kul IN practicing fundamental culinary techniques, learning about wines and restaurant management, and preparing for life in Italy. 



# of Hours

Teaching Methods

The History of Cooking 6 Theory
Food, Hygiene and Safety at Work 13 Theory
Basic of Thermal Processing 24 Theory and Practice
Knife Work 25 Practice
Preparing Various Dishes, Stocks and Sauces 27

Theory and practice            

Guest chef visit                   

Field Trip

Meat and Fish 85

Theory and practice            

Guest chef visit                   

Field Trip

Vegetable and Vegetarian Cuisine


Theory and practice            

Guest chef visit                   

Field Trip



Theory and practice            

Guest chef visit                   

Field Trip

Restaurant management 10 Theory and practice
Wines 42 Theory and practice

Total # of Hours



Total # of Months



Other information about your 2 months of training in Sisak:

  • Class time: 8 hours/day, Monday through Friday
  • Language used in class: English and Croatian
  • Literature (digital) and Materials: provided by Kul IN (in English and Croatian)
  • Uniforms: provided by Kul IN

2. Training in Colorno

Students continue their education in ALMA in Colorno, where they are immersed in the Italian culture, which so heavily influences cuisine. The school’s ALMA Method of training adds a new dimension to students' skill development in the kitchen. The program provides a dynamic international environment for students to perfect their cooking techniques in the Italian culinary arts.

ALMA, la Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana, and its professor-chefs will intrigue you with their knowledge and train you to become truly competent in the culinary industry. You will study the secrets of Italy’s 20 culinary regions while training under the mentorship of skilled Italian chefs. Your culinary training will be further enhanced by trips to local production centers, which will give you a look into the preparation of famous products such as Parma ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese, truffles, wineries and many others.

The classes in Colorno are designed based on the ALMA Method, which combines the following:

  • cooking skills and techniques for Italian cuisine
  • direct experience with local production centers and raw ingredients
  • experience as the head chef
  • knowledge of Italian recipes and traditions
  • understanding of Italian history and culture

At the end of training in Colorno, and before the beginning of the internship, each student’s progress will be evaluated by the staff at ALMA.

Other information about your three months of training in Colorno:

  • Class size: minimum 15 to maximum 20 students
  • Language used in class: English
  • Readings and materials: provided by ALMA (in English)
  • Uniforms: provided by ALMA

3. Five months of training in a renowned Italian restaurant

The last part of the program is a five-month internship in a well-known Italian restaurant. After evaluation in Colorno, students move to the city where they will be interning, at a restaurant chosen by ALMA. During these five months, students put to practice all the skills that they've learned in Kul IN and ALMA, and they gain first-hand experience in the culinary industry.

ALMA carefully chooses the internship destination, based on individual students’ personalities, interests, strengths and weaknesses, and future plans. Throughout the internship, students still have the full support of ALMA, and can always ask the school’s staff for help and advice. The host restaurant will provide the student with room and board during the internship.

At the end of the internship, students return to ALMA to take a final practical exam and receive their certification.

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