Wine Courses

Get acquainted with the wine rich regions in the world through our wine courses which have been prepared in three levels. After passing through the courses and acquiring the knowledge about enology culture, the attendants will also have opportunities to learn how to recognize various tastes, keep pace with viniculture trends, as well as develop gastro-enology identity.



-           Introduction into Wine, Wine Serving, Wine Tasting Basics, Types of Wine


-           Label Reading, Special Wines,  Wines of the Old and New world,  Autochthonous Croatia


-          Food and Wine Pairing

Upon finishing all the three course levels, attendants will have the same competences as after the finished Wine Program. They will get the knowledge necessary for independent determining wine quality, for its purchasing, for pairing wine with food and creating wine charts.



The irresistible world of wine for centuries has been a source of inspiration, premeditation and creation. Learn how to tell stories about wine, how to recognize quality and how to create top quality gastro atmosphere. Start your professional wine journey at Kul IN!