Internship in France


French gastronomy, from cuisine classique to cuisine nouvelle, is the forerunner of many styles, movements, and innovations that are still dominant in the culinary world. Thanks to its rich gastronomic history and tradition and its excellent geographical position, close to the Atlantic and Mediterranean sea, close to mountain chains and fertile plains, France is the land of premium foods and products that are widely represented in all spheres of global cuisine, from domestic cuisine, hotels, pastries to fine dining restaurants.

Upon completion of Kul IN's two-month Culinary Arts or Professional Pastry program, Kul IN's internship program in France allows you to continue your education in French restaurants, hotels or pastry shops and allows you to experience classic and contemporary French cuisine through intensive firsthand practical work.

In co-operation with partners from France, the Culinary Institute Kul IN organizes for its students the opportunity to personally experience French culture, its eno-gastronomy, and lively and inspiring restaurant scene. In addition to learning from genuine French cooks, chefs, and pastry chefs, trainees will experience firsthand work in an international environment, acquire international references and culinary experience, and also specialize themselves in French cuisine.

Duration of the internship: from three to six months.

The internship in France includes:

• Part of the travel costs

• Accommodation and meals

• Monthly remuneration

• Mentoring from cooks, chefs, and pastry chefs


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