Professional Pastry and Confections

The wide range of confectionary products making their way onto the market has created the need for studying sweets and desserts as an entity of their own within the culinary arts. Given that classic confectionary techniques have evolved with the modern technology that now shapes the gastro world, this sweet culinary branch offers extensive study material. Moreover, the demand for trained professionals is increasing in this field, as artisan pastry shops and bakeries are gaining popularity. For those who are interested in taking their baking skills to a professional level, Culinary Institute Kul IN offers a professional program in modern pastry and confections.

Daily pastry lessons are supplemented with field trips to renowned restaurants and food productions centers in Croatia as well as guest lectures from successful Croatian and international chefs. In addition, students take classes in enology and wine pairing. 

Upon successful completion of the program, Kul IN awards students with a certificate for a Pastry Chef.

Program length: 2 months

Program Start Dates:

  • 17.03.2021. - 18.05.2021.
  • 08.06.2021. - 10.08.2021.
  • 17.08.2021. - 15.10.2021.
  • 19.10.2021. - 21.12.2021.

Program cost per student: 5.625 Euros (VAT included)

For our first minute students, we offer a 400 € discount on program tuition. To grab this voucher, you need to complete your application process and pay the tuition two months before the program start date.

The enrollment period for programs starting in March is open until February 12, 2021!

Tuition includes: 

  • Course instruction
  • Literature (digital)
  • Materials, and uniforms for the program Professional Pastry and Confections
  • Transportation to Sisak from Zagreb International Airport    
  • Accommodation walking distance from the school 
  • Lunch on school days
  • Field trip costs and transportation



Schedule of Classes at Kul IN:

Class Name

# of Hours

Teaching Methods

Food Safety, Safety in the Kitchen, and Safety at Work


Theory and Practice

Basic Confectionary Skills and Techniques


Theory and Practice

International Confections and Designing Dessert Menus


Theory and Practice



Theory and Practice

Advanced Confections and Complex Desserts


Theory and Practice

Modern Gastronomy, Hospitality, and Service


Theory and Practice

Wines 42 Theory and Practice
Restaurant Management 10 Theory and Practice

Total # of Hours



Total # of Months



Pastry Practicums

Baking and pastry-making are best learned through hands-on experience, which is why our curriculum is designed such that 80% of class time is dedicated to practicums. The practicums begin with the fundamentals so that students have the opportunity to build their knowledge on strong foundations.

Field Trips

During the program, students visit several local food production centers and small-scale local farms. The field trips help students better understand the production chain of the food industry, as well as preparation and storage techniques of various types of desserts, sweets, baked goods, and wine and coffee. Students are introduced to various brands of local produce from which they can learn to distinguish quality products and create contacts with local producers, pastry shops, and restaurants with pastry departments. 

Other course information:

Lesson Schedule: 5 hours/day, Monday through Friday

Language: Croatian and/or English

Literature (digital) and Reading Materials: provided by Kul IN

Uniforms: provided by Kul IN 


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