Healthy Pastries – Gluten-free, Vegan and Raw Desserts

Modern nutritional needs require new knowledge and skills. Understanding allergens, vegan diet, gluten-free desserts or lactose-free desserts is essential in creating a healthy pastry menu. You will learn how to combine healthy flavors, master the contemporary serving methods and trends, and use interesting ingredients such as herbal syrups, seeds and fruits to create delicious and charming desserts. You will get to master the preparation cookies, granola, sweet breads, desserts in a glass, monoportions, raw cakes and healthy edible decorations.

Duration: 25 hours

Course price: 1.500,00 Euro (VAT included)

The listed price includes:

  • the entire course of Healthy Pastries, 
  • accommodation near the school (Sisak),
  • lunch at Kul IN
  • teaching materials
  • apron

You can apply via our contact form, e-mail or the phone 044/538 880 and 099 266 8918.