Culinary Career in Switzerland - Adam Rajndl



Pay attention, absorb, and check your ego. You can gain and learn a lot here if you are persistent. Enroll in one of the programs, and let the games begin.


Adam Rajndl is an ambitious young chef from Osijek who decided to further his knowledge after graduating from a cooking high school, and enrolled in Kul IN. We are proud that he continued to develop through the Advanced Culinary Program, created in cooperation with the Swiss school B.H.M.S. A few months after completing the program at Kul IN and B.H.M.S., Adam is realizing his culinary dreams at the luxury 5-star hotel Mandarin Oriental Palace Luzern in Switzerland.

We spoke with Adam while he was at Kul IN and asked him about his goals, culinary attitudes and favorite dishes!

Kul IN: Tell us more about your culinary journey!

- My journey started at the age of 14. I enrolled in high school to be a chef and now I’m glad I started young. Throughout school, I did summer internships. I worked in Opatija, Njivice, I got a scholarship from a large hotel chain in Croatia, and in between I worked in restaurants in Osijek. After that I decided I wanted to achieve more, heard about Kul IN and saw that it provided what I needed upgrade my skills, so I decided to enroll in the Culinary Arts program.

Kul IN: What is the favorite technique and advice you got from the program?

- My favorite technique was preparing homemade pasta. I had little experience with pasta making before I came to Kul IN. As far as the theory goes, I was OK, but I needed practice. Pasta is a matter of technique and precision, I am glad that I mastered it. The best advice? I can’t decide, I think all the lecturers provided a lot of important advice.


Kul IN: What change would you like to contribute to regarding Croatian gastronomy?

- The main change I would like to see is that hotels and hospitalit sector focus more on quality rather than quantity. I don’t like to see when chefs don’t care about the kitchen.

Kul IN: What are your plans for the future? You are continuing your education in Switzerland ...

- The plans are to go to Switzerland, finish the program and find a job after the internship - it sounds quite simple! I would like to return to Croatia, but now I am ready to work on a different level.

A quick intercession from us – Adam has completed the program at our partner school B.H.M.S. and is currently interning at the luxury swiss hotel Mandarin Oriental Palace Luzern. Congratulations!

Kul IN: Why is being a chef the ideal profession?

- I am always in my own little world when I am doing what I love - cooking. Everyone loves to eat and it’s a great feeling when you can bring a smile to someone's face with what you do.

Kul IN: What would you say to future students?

- Pay attention, absorb, and check your ego. You can gain and learn a lot here if you are persistent. Enroll in one of the programs, and let the games begin.

Kul IN: The final exam is approaching, after which you will take a short break, so we are interested in what your ideal lunch looks like?

- An ideal lunch is something I have not prepared / tried yet, some food combo that I have not encountered before!

Check out the VIDEO with Adam.

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