New Campus On The Coast

We have a new location on the Croatian coast!

The new campus provides an additional and unique opportunity for learning and development in the heart of Croatian tourism.

Our new campus on the Croatian coast is situated in a peaceful small town Jablanac, a true Mediterranean community and a great starting point for exploring the gastro secrets of Croatian islands and mountain regions.

Kul IN Ablana boasts a view overlooking the sea and surrounding islands on one side and the mountains on the other, making it the perfect setting for Kul IN summer programs.

The facility is designed to be an all-in-one accommodation and school, so the students can immerse themselves in their studies while enjoying a comfortable stay with a view and a beach nearby.

The location is a part of the Velebit nature park and is close to Zadar and Rijeka airport.


Contact us for more information


tel: + 385 44 538 880

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