Restaurant Desserts Masterclass By The Michelin Pastry Chef Lena Šarić

The Kul IN alumna and Michelin pastry chef Lena Šarić is back at Kul IN!

Lena's career has so far been sprinkled with stars, by our favorite stars, to be more precise - the Michelin ones. After completing the Kul IN's Professional Pastry program, Lena spent four years delighting the guests of Boškinac with her desserts. The restaurant is one of the best examples of tourism done right on the Adriatic coast - they became a  proud owner of the Michelin star when Lena was working there. In the meantime, she did an internship at a 3 Michelin restaurant in Munich under the mentorship of chef Jan Hartwig and pastry chef Christian Humbs, attended masterclasses of famous pastry chefs like Tony Rodriguez and today without hesitation realizes her pastry dreams.

Through schooling and work, she has honed her style of dessert preparation, and now she will share the secrets of Michelin pastry chefs with you too!

We will prepare and enjoy restaurant desserts the Lena way. For this masterclass, Lena will prepare her signature recipes and desserts with a personal touch. We will witness modern preparation and serving techniques, unexpected combinations and innovative flavors. 

Join us on Friday November 27 at Kul IN (Capraška ulica 12, 44 010 Sisak), from 3 PM to 6 PM !


Number of participants is limited. Sign up on time!


 Attendance fee: 83 EUR (VAT included)


To sign up, you need to send us your full name, personal identification number and address.

You can sign up via e-mail at or by phone at 044/538 880.


See you at Kul IN!