Zdravko Perić

“Cooking is a profession that gives great pleasure to those who see the beauty in sharing good food with others and who enjoy life’s little works of art.”
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Marko Hernaut

“To learn the skills necessary for excellence in the culinary arts, one must first have a lot of patience, determination, and perseverance. In class, I first strive to perfect students’ foundations and basic skills in cooking, and then open the kitchen space up to the flow of creativity.”
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Ivan Plantak

Gastronomy is both incredibly tough and indescribably appealing. It combines sacrifices and learning on a daily basis. Having the ability to be innovative and creative in your professional life, and at the same time providing people with simple joys, nourishing them and making them happy is a privilege that can be found in very few professions and fields outside of gastronomy.
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Marija Sadak

“English is the lingua franca of today and it is indispensable within the multicultural, diverse and vibrant world of gastronomy. English, as well as gastronomy, enables the individual to engage with different cultures, people and traditions. My aim is to help students gain language competence, and consequently, enable them to showcase the culinary skills acquired at Kul IN, realize their full potential and their dream of a career within the gastronomy industry.”
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