Zdravko Perić

“Cooking is a profession that gives great pleasure to those who see the beauty in sharing good food with others and who enjoy life’s little works of art.”
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Sanja Sajko

Pastry chefs should never stop reading, studying the industry, and learning. This is a job that requires constant learning and awareness of new trends. You just have to be 100% devoted to the confectionery.
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Morana Mijač

"Food means socializing, it is the source of sustainability, it represents the celebration of life, comfort and pleasure. A person who cooks is a person who gives. It is not just about the act of cooking – culinary arts is so much more than that. It is about the transformation of both chefs and food. Food can be an inspiration, and it is more about the process than just plating. My first love and passion, the love that has been with me since my childhood, is the love of food and the unity it symbolizes. That love is why I fell in love with cooking. And when you fall in love, everything else is easy. "
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Marko Hernaut

“To learn the skills necessary for excellence in the culinary arts, one must first have a lot of patience, determination, and perseverance. In class, I first strive to perfect students’ foundations and basic skills in cooking, and then open the kitchen space up to the flow of creativity.”
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Maja Mladinov

A good chef should be a chemist, physicist, nutritionist, psychologist, doctor, artist and manual worker in one.
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