New Generation of Chefs from Eastern Europe

Culinary professionals get to experience different cultures and specialize in different cuisines. Culinary enthusiasts and young chefs are constantly seeking new education options, which is why, At Kul IN, young chefs from around the world are gathering to gain new experiences and knowledge. In this article, we are highlighting our promising team of young chefs from Eastern Europe!
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Studying With a Purpose – Opening a Pastry Shop

"I don't feel like an entrepreneur yet, I still haven't even had a day off, I'm tired but it's a “good kind of tired” situation!" Natalija Čukman, a Kul IN alumni, had dreamed of opening a pastry shop for a long time. With a lot of dedication, joy and invaluable practical advice and ideas she got through professional training, she made it! Read her story to find out how education can be the catalyzer you need for a great business plan.
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Anatomy of an Executive Chef

When you learn one technique you can upgrade it and improvise endlessly - even if you make a mistake you can tweak it and get the perfect dish in the end!
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Entrepreneur Going “Back to the Kitchen”

An entrepreneur, winemaker, restaurant owner, professional chef and Kul IN alumni, Damir Josić had spent decades running successful gastronomy-related business projects. However, at the age of 52 he realized that a key ingredient had been missing and the puzzle of his professional life still wasn’t complete, so he decided to enroll in the Culinary Arts program at Kul IN and he is currently studying in Italy to become a Professional chef of Italian cuisine.
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It all started while studying journalism

In my opinion, Kul IN is the best starting point for those who want to become professionals and for those who want to improve their culinary skills. I know that people who work there put in a lot of effort to accommodate each of us students. So, I advise every prospective student to be focused while at Kul IN but don’t forget to enjoy every day of your study because you probably won’t have a chance like this again in your life.
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