Relaxing Baking Story From the US

Cristina Ramos comes from Ecuador and has lived in the US for quite a while now. She says that confectionery serves as a form of therapy for her, a way to relax after work. While preparing a cake at home, she realized she needed to hone in on her baking proficiency and decided to look for pastry programs. Two weeks later, she was at Kul IN.
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Culinary Entrepreneurship After Kul IN

The Culinary Arts program paved the way for Hrvoje's new career, which was only a hobby for him while he was in college. Read how Hrvoje Gjurkinjak combined his business skills with his newly acquired culinary skills and opened a restaurant immediately after completing his education at Kul IN.
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Comprehensive 2-Month Education

My topic for the final exam is the city of Lima. In Peru, people eat sweet potato puree with marshmallows for Christmas. I will make a cream out of puree, the base will be dacquoise with pecan nuts and orange peel, and everything will be topped with cocoa butter, and marshmallows with a little lime gel.
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