Let's Be Great Chefs!

Culinary professionals need to constantly upgrade their knowledge, and every new professional training program helps you be the best chef you can be.
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Best Days of My Life

Our alumni Marina has loved to bake since she was a little girl. However, she decided to dedicate her career to pastry arts after graduating from high school, so she enrolled in the Professional Pastry and Confections program. The last few years have been very busy and inspiring for her, and the best is yet to come - after completing the program and her internship, her career has taken off and she is living the dream of every young pastry chef. Marina worked at the renowned pastry shop Vis a Vis by Vincek for a time, and received a scholarship from the Budi Foodie foundation and participated in the prestigious Chef's Stage congress this year, also she was one of the winners of the competition part.
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Pursuing Italian Cuisine

"I have decided to continue my education at ALMA because I want that first-hand insight into the foundations of Italian gastronomy to be an important signpost for the rest of my career. I think studying at ALMA will be a stepping stone for my career. "
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