I grow and make progress every day

"After the internship I am going to Borgo Santo Pietro De Luxe Resort where I got a job offer as a chef de partie, and in October, when the resort is closed, I am going to Norway for two months in Maaemo. I'm currently fascinated by Nordic cuisine, and I want to experience and familirize myself with it as much as possible"
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Career changing experience: from corporate IT job to Culinary Arts

“My professional and personal life were very different. At my free time I was always exploring new restaurants and bars at Sydney just to feel new flavours and combinations. I would very often cook at home for my friends, always trying new ingredients, and at some point I realised I was spending all my free time and income on food and travelling.”
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Don't Put Your Baking Dreams on Hold

Maeve O'Hara was one of the people whose plans were delayed last year. Or was she? True, she decided to postpone starting college but refused to be idle in the meantime. She did her research, found the perfect pastry and confections program for her, and the rest is history. Let's dive in.
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