Guest chefs

An innovator in Croatian pastry profession

Culinary Institute Kul IN strives to bring its students closer to the culinary profession through guest lectures and demo presentations by eminent chefs. Croatia's most famous restaurant pastry chef and chocolatier Robert Bašić recently visited Kul IN, and extra seats were hard to find at his demonstration. Chef Bašić was a fantastic mentor, answering all of the students' questions without hesitation as he shared stories from his professional and private life experiences.
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Chef Andrea Ruisi

"I believe cooking is the best way to get in touch with history, different cultures, and nature as well. When you cook, you activate all your senses, hearing, sight and, of course, taste."
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Dim Sum: Discipline in Life, Discipline in Food

The culinary heritage of China has left a profound impact on global gastronomy. The unique techniques of thermal processing, pairing and serving foods are an example to chefs around the world. The charm and discipline of Cantonese cuisine were presented to us by our guests, first class chefs Chan Chun Hung and Leung Kim Sum, instructors from the Chinese Culinary Institute CCI in Hong Kong. Discover with us the magic of Hong Kong and the secrets of classical Cantonese Dim Sum.
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