Zdravko Perić








Director of Education



“Cooking is a profession that gives great pleasure to those who see the beauty in sharing good food with others and who enjoy life’s little works of art.”


Kul IN’s Director of Education began building his career in the culinary arts over thirty years ago. He first started acquiring experiences in restaurants in Germany, where he quickly progressed and was appointed the title “Chef de Partie.” After seven years of leading restaurants in renowned hotels in the city of Nuremberg, he decided to continue his career in the United States, where he progressed from sous chef to executive chef at the impressive Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas.

At the Plaza Hotel, which boasts about 1000 rooms, chef Zdravko Perić gained exceptional managerial skills as well as experience working in a fast and dynamic environment, which required the constant creation of innovative menus and adaptation to the rapidly changing demands of the world market.

In order to successfully continue his career and stay up-to-date with modern cuisine and culinary technology, Zdravko Perić decided to study at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Academy in Arizona, where he received his diploma as Ars Culinarie

At the height of his career, chef Zdravko Perić chose the opportune moment to transfer his culinary knowledge and experience from around the world back to Croatia, where blooming tourism and budding elite hotels gladly welcomed his help in responding to the modern demands of the market. Zdravko worked as the executive chef at Hotel Grand Villa Argentina in Dubrovnik, Kempinski Hotel Adriatic in Istria, and Hotel Croatia in Cavtat among others. 

Zdravko Perić’s thirty years of experience in the culinary profession, collaboration with world renowned chefs, and knowledge of contemporary trends in elite cuisine have been molded into the program curricula of Culinary Institute Kul IN.

The teaching methods used to train Kul IN’s future professional cooks are founded on the standards of prestigious international culinary schools. Through the programs offered at Kul IN, Director of Education Zdravko Perić aims to provide students with a well-rounded education, encourage the development of skills and ambition, and inspire all of Kul IN’s participants to take a creative view on the culinary arts and gastronomy.