Marko Hernaut








Pastry Teaching Chef


“To learn the skills necessary for excellence in the culinary arts, one must first have a lot of patience, determination, and perseverance. In class, I first strive to perfect students’ foundations and basic skills in cooking, and then open the kitchen space up to the flow of creativity.” 



As a trained pastry chef, Marko Hernaut embarked on a journey in search of new experiences. He found opportunities to exhibit his confectionary skills in some of Zagreb’s most famous pastry shops, including Slatkiš, Zagreb, and Vincek. While continuing to perfect his confectionary skills, Marko Hernaut also learned the ropes of working in a professional, fast-paced environment. However, Marko chose to broaden his experience beyond confections, and into the vast realm of the culinary arts. Working at the distinguished Zagreb-based restaurant Mano, he learned how to satisfy most demanding guests, compose restaurant menus, and enjoy the daily challenges that the restaurant posed for him.

After becoming a lecturer at Culinary Institute Kul IN, Marko further specialized in mentorship and leading culinary practicums at the Italian Culinary Academy ALMA. Today, as a full-time lecturer at Kul IN, he strives to transfer all of his knowledge and skills to his students. Although a strict teacher, Marko’s youth and energy help him spread his love for food and the pleasure of getting creative in the kitchen to his students.