Irena Bardak








Instructor of Italian Language

“Italian is the language of gastronomy. The culinary traditions that Italians carefully protect and cherish have survived precisely in the language. I have the important role of helping students become aware of the fundamental significance of language as an instrument in understanding culture, life, and food. Weaving these concepts together will help students master the gastronomy of Italy.”


Irena Bardak started learning Italian as a child in school. After finishing elementary school and high school in Verona, Italy, she majored in molecular biology in Padua, but finished her Master’s degree at the University of Zagreb Faculty of Science and Mathematics in Croatia. As an ambitious young professor and lecturer, she came to Kul IN to teach Italian language, but along the way has also developed some true gourmet skills. How Irena managed to blend science, language, and love towards gastronomy, the students in her Italian class will have the unique opportunity to experience, all while learning how to speak and understand Italian.