Ivan Plantak








Cookery teaching chef


"Gastronomy is both incredibly tough and indescribably appealing. It combines sacrifices and learning on a daily basis. Having the ability to be innovative and creative in your professional life, and at the same time providing people with simple joys, nourishing them and making them happy is a privilege that can be found in very few professions and fields outside of gastronomy." 


After getting his degree in agronomy, Ivan decided to follow his dream and enroll in the Culinary Arts program at the Culinary Institute Kul IN. Having finished the program, Ivan immediately dedicated himself to gastronomy and started working in top restaurants. He worked as a chef at the Rouge Marin restaurant, at the Četiri kantuna restaurant, where he prepared meals and organized mise en place. However, Ivan didn't stop at that, he decided to expand his knowledge and specialize at the renowned Italian culinary academy ALMA. In September 2017 he joined our Kul IN team as the Culinary Arts lecturer. Ivan also honed his skills as a sous-chef at the French restaurant Auberge Des Chausseurs, and worked in Zvona catering. There are many top chefs who mentored him and with whom he had the opportunity to collaborate: Michelin chef Isa Mazzocchi, chef Tomislav Primorac, chef Zdravko Perić, chef Petar Tomašević, chef Ante Sudinja, chef Igor Ćurčić, chef Piero Di Turi, chef Alessandro Masia, chef Enrico Marma, chef Tinari Pepino, chef Isa Mazzocchi, chef Pascal Aguettaz, chef Andrea Ruisi. As a lecturer, Ivan skillfully shares his experience and knowledge with students, and in practicums he provides them with a creative approach to preparing food and the world of gastronomy as a whole.