Managers in Culinary Arts

Since the very beginning and since the idea of founding Kul IN, the basic thought that has been getting through the goals of this Culinary Institution is to turn Croatian cooks, as well as lovers of gastronomy, into top quality chefs. Most touristic countries, and those which would like to be called so, in their abundance of offerings can praise themselves for recognizable gastronomy. Although cookery in Croatia could be treated almost as an element of the heritage, due to deficiency of top quality culinary experts, it is not rare that in well-known Croatian hotels culinary professionals from abroad are employed as chefs in the kitchens, and each of them brings part of his gastronomical identity.

The goal of our programs is, besides developing practical knowledge and skills from the culinary cultures worldwide, to offer the basics to our students so that they can create their own identity all over the world by their further work. Because of the fact that we expect our students, after having finished some of the offered programs, to work in tourism and service industry, we consider that, besides the already mentioned culinary knowledge and skills, it is necessary to develop their business, communicative and managing skills as well. That is why the subject Restaurant management has been made a part of  the compulsory program.

Through this program we are going to try to offer our students an insight into business planning, entrepreneural basics, product and service development, strategic management, as well as marketing communication with the targeted group of clients. 

A kitchen manager has to be well-acquainted with the history, culture and philosophy of the surroundings where he/she works. In that way only he will be able to adapt the menu to requests of every climate, he will know why some food is used in different ways in different cultures, he will be able to decide on the appropriate quantity of, for example, fried food in relation to boiled or baked food. He will be able to calculate the cost of food as well as to develop a strategy for purchasing good quality, seasonal and fresh foods.He will know how to ensure not only to make a dish look good, but also be tasteful, at the same time keeping all nutritive qualities of the used food. He will be able to develop high quality communication with both suppliers and his/her staff, but also to deal with complaints of diners and at the end of the whole story, to be able to make a profit. 

The final conclusion is only one. In order to be a successful chef, together with all love and ethusiasm towards cookery, you need comprehensive study, because only then you will always achieve in your profession as much as you have invested in it, and be really prosperous and happy.