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Italian cuisine tells a story of the unmistakable bond between the traditional and the modern worlds. In the celebration of the International Week of the Italian Cuisine, we will have a special culinary show. The culinary show will be led by the famous Italian chef ISA MAZZOCCHI, whose restaurant La Palta was awarded a Michelin star. Professor FABIO AMADEI, professor of History and Culture of Italian Gastronomy at the Italian Culinary Academy ALMA, will present the magical connection between the Emilia-Romagna region, composer Giuseppe Verdi and the art of cooking.

The International Week of Italian Cuisine is a celebration that is held simultaneously in over 100 countries around the world. This joint celebration and promotion of Italian cuisine, wines, desserts, and other gourmet Italian products has resulted in countless exhibitions, tastings, and culinary shows of Italy's latest gastronomic trends.

Be part of the celebration of the International Week of Italian Cuisine, held for the first time in Croatia, in partnership with the Italian Embassy, Italian Trade Agency, the Italian Cultural Institute, ALMA Italian Culinary Academy and Culinary Institute Kul IN.


CULINARY SHOW: Wednesday, November 22, 2017 from 3PM till 6 PM;

Thursday, November 23, 2017 from 7 PM till 9 PM

PLACE OF EVENTS: Culinary Institute Kul IN, Capraška ulica 12, 44 010 Sisak


For participants visiting from Zagreb, there will a bus organized from the Main Bus Station (Glavni autobusni kolodvor) in Zagreb to Culinary Institute Kul IN (Capraška ulica 12, 44010 Sisak). The bus will be waiting at platform 502 between 17:30-17:45 and will depart for Sisak at 17:45, with an estimated arrival time at 18:45. After the workshop, the bus is scheduled to depart from Sisak at 21:00.


Please confirm your arrival and reserve your bus seat by emailing:,

by Monday, November 20th.





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