Improving Together – Creativity Meets Relevance

Pursuing a career in gastronomy provides you with the opportunity to specialize in different cuisines and experience different cultures.

However, to achieve this goal, you will need to have a firm grasp of a broad range of trends and aspects of the food industry.

The enrollment period for programs starting in October is open until August 15, 2022!

How do our students achieve excellence?

Kul IN students get to work alongside many guest chefs who have different characters and approaches to gastronomy and have achieved success in their desired niche in gastronomy.

Our curriculum is inspired by the goal of presenting a comprehensive view of gastronomy and preparing students for different scenarios. After they are done with culinary or pastry practicums for the day, the students have wine classes where they learn how to pair wine with food and appreciate wine as a crucial food item.

During their management classes, students learn how to navigate the business aspect of gastronomy, they devise their own business plan and learn to weigh risks and rewards in the ever-changing business environment.

Furthermore, we have introduced 2 new classes and additional training hours to make sure our students are fully equipped to become new culinary leaders:

Additional Training Hours

Apart from daily practicums, Kul IN students practice what they have learned in two of our in-house restaurants. They get to put their skills to the test and acclimate to working in a real-life setting. Organization skills are best learned in practice, so students master their time management skills and flexibility during additional training hours. They also get a real-life insight into menu-building, kitchen hierarchy, and grow both in skill and patience.

Beer Lab

Beer represents a new stream of creativity in gastronomy. Therefore, we have opened a beer practicum and craft brewing center. Kul IN Beer Lab is a source of the broader education necessary to get a full grasp of the food industry. Students have the opportunity to make their own beer, and learn how to identify a top-quality beer product. Besides participating in the brewing process, the students master different ways of serving beer, and learn to pair beer with food.

Kitchen Ecology

Kitchen Ecology class teaches students to re-imagine traditional concepts of gastronomy, embrace zero-waste gastronomy, and understand the efforts behind running an environmentally friendly restaurant. The class teaches them to realize which practices are truly environmentally friendly, and which ones just seem like it, so they can have real influence on the sustainable development of the food industry and contribute to the goal of zero-waste gastronomy.


Join us and turn your passion into a dream career!