New Strengths in the COVID-19 Time


We have learned that although this time is scary in many ways, it presents us with opportunities to focus on ourselves, further our education, explore self-improvement and train our courage in private and professional realm.



Traveling, working and studying during the COVID-19 period is not easy and many of our habits and instincts had to be reimagined during this time. With that in mind, Kul IN has adapted to the situation in the last few months and managed to stay open and running the whole time. From the start we had some built-in advantages: Kul IN is organized as a campus with student accommodation just a 10-minute walk from the school, so students do not have to take public transportation to attend their classes every day, and we always organize airport pick-up for international students upon their arrival to Croatia, so they do not have to take the bus or train from Zagreb to Sisak.

These policies were a good foundation for the implementation of other measures. We offered the possibility of early arrival for international students; the students could arrive a few days before the program start and settle into the Kul IN apartments free of charge. Furthermore, Kul IN provided all the documentation that border officers might ask for upon the student's entry into Croatia, e.g. address of the accommodation, acceptance letter. We have had zero issues so far, and the process has become more streamlined with each new international student who comes during this period. Also, the students need not stress about their return home and possible inconveniences. We wanted to make the international students' travel arrangements go as smoothly as possible, so we implemented an extended stay policy and let them stay in the accommodation free of charge while they work out their schedule for returning home. The students can revise their travel options stress-free in the comfort of the Kul IN apartments that has been their home for the previous two months while studying on the program.

During the classes, the students have to wear masks and temperature checks are done each morning. Furthermore, many students worried about group sizes in the last few months. Therefore, we decided to limit the number of students in each group to ensure everybody feels safe at all times while they are studying at Kul IN. Kul IN has always focused on individual approach, having small groups and making sure each student had their own station, equipment, and enough space, so they can explore their creativity on their own terms. This was a great opportunity to take this goal of realizing each students' full potential and making it even more individual-focused. We have learned that although this time is scary in many ways, it presents us with opportunities to focus on ourselves, further our education, explore self-improvement and train our courage in the private and professional realm. Therefore, turn your anxieties into strengths and do not give up on your gastronomy dreams and ambitions in this time.


Did you feel safe at Kul IN and what is your opinion regarding the measures we implemented?

- Kul IN staff thought about everything! They cared for our safety and made sure everything is sanitized. The cleaning lady was disinfecting community surfaces almost every hour. They reminded us to stay inside when we are in Kul IN apartments unless we absolutely had to go out. Everything was done by the book, I have no objections.

      - Maja, Bosnia and Herzegovina

- I feel incredibly safe here, life has not changed much in Croatia, unlike in the US. I like that Kul IN is taking everything seriously, for example, we have temperature checks every morning and our working stations are far away from one another to practice social distancing in class.

       - Zachary, USA

- I felt safe from the very beginning. The measures were implemented on time, we had temperature checks, hand-sanitizers everywhere, the lecturers made sure that we comply with social distancing guidelines. Also, it is awesome that we did not have to use public transport because Kul IN apartments are close to Kul IN.

      - Danijel, Croatia

 - I was not super worried in general and I felt safe.  Kul IN protected us and did everything great, so we felt safe!

      - Daryna, Ukraine

- We listened to the guidelines and did not leave the apartments if it wasn't necessary. Our circle of people was small, we wore masks, and there were temperature checks. One of the colleagues would take us grocery shopping once a week because she had a car but that was it as far as our life outside of Kul IN is concerned!

      - Branimir, Croatia

- Here at Kul IN I feel very safe and I have always felt safe coming here. Everybody is so welcoming and even we do have the requirements for the mask I understand that. For me, being here I felt safe, I continue to feel safe and I will always feel safe.

      - Rachel, USA