Perks of Studying at Kul IN - Career Day

Gastronomy and Hospitality are bouncing back stronger than ever and creating new job opportunities. We are happy that we can be a part of that story and help our alumni and students find job opportunities even in these unprecedented times. Therefore, we have organized another Career Day with our partners from Meneghetti Hotel and Winery, intended for all of our students and alumni looking for job and internship opportunities. 

Photo: Meneghetti

We are thrilled to see gastronomy and hospitality industries emerge victorious out the confusion the pandemic has caused. We have proved once again that we are the most flexible branch of economy, ready to bounce back and take on exciting challenges. With that in mind, Kul IN has organized a Career Day for our alumni and students, in partnership with the renowned Istrian hotel and winery Meneghetti. This celebration of new beginnings will be held on March 1, 2021, from 12 PM to 5 PM at Kul IN. During the program, our students develop the skills that all leading restaurants look for in their employees, they learn how to be confident in a job interview and how to take a proactive approach to further their careers. We can only make sure they get to put their knowledge to the test in a real-life setting. We are proud that we can give them access to quality internship and employment options after the program and are always happy to guide them on their journey. The best thing is seeing them achieve the goal they have mapped out for themselves. During the Career Day, the students will introduce themselves to the Meneghetti team, give them their resumes and our partners from Meneghetti will conduct job interviews with our students. 

Furthermore, students and guests will enjoy the cooking show created by Meneghetti's sous chef and Kul IN alumnus Andrej Ivanšić, by one of the most innovative Croatian pastry chefs Dragana Kovačević, and by the master of all things bakery at Meneghetti, Kristijan Kovačević. Stay tuned for the photos, and read the stories from Kul IN alumni who have already realized their dream internship or job at Meneghetti.

Career Day is intended for all Kul IN alumni and students, who can apply via email at

Anastasiya at Meneghetti

Jovana at Meneghetti

Photo: Meneghetti

Cover photo and gallery: Meneghetti

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