Best Place To Learn About Croatian Wines

Straight to the point - it is time to make the case for Croatian wine and why it deserves to be the new black for contemporary wine experts, enthusiasts and tourists, eager to explore this less traveled (wine) road of the wine world.

It is best to break the ice with some Croatian wine fun facts and one-liners. Here we go:

1.  Did you know that Croatia has over 130 indigenous wine varieties?

2. Have you heard that an obscure Croatian variety Tribidrag is the prototype of the beloved Zinfandel wine?

3. We bet you didn't know that the Belina starohrvatska variety is a parent to more than 80 varieties around the world, Chardonnay included!

4. Croatia has over 1000 islands and 10 times more winemakers.

5. Bonus challenge – try pronouncing Crljenak kašteljanski

OK, so you see the pattern – Croatian wine culture is rich in history, yet still an untapped resource for many wine professionals and enthusiasts.

Croatian wines are a treasure trove for the wine tourist of the modern era, looking for the uncharted waters, exploring local wineries and appreciating the hidden gems of Mediterranean wine culture. Everything sounds lovely, where is the catch? Considering that Croatia has so many small local varieties with peculiar names, it can be difficult to know where and how to start exploring. Add to that the numerous wineries sprinkled throughout the country, adorning its hills and valleys, and you will soon find yourself in a real pickle because trying to sift through all of them to find the best of the best can seem impossible.

There is a solution, however, so don't let yourself be intimidated by the pronunciations, or wine labels this summer, and dare to explore Croatian wine the authentic way – in Croatia.

One way to do it is through Culinary Institute Kul IN's Wine Program. You will learn about and get cozy with some of the most popular indigenous Croatian wine varieties and explore them through field trips to local wineries, wine tastings and pairing local wine with local food.

Kul IN Wine Program is focused on providing knowledge through engaging with the subject. The wine field trips offer you the “learning-by-doing” experience and are a great opportunity for meeting the best in business and seeing the winemaking process in action. The tastings and wine pairing give you the “front of house” insight into wine culture. Through field trips and tastings, you get the whole package – the insight into best indigenous wines with a sprinkle of tourism fun. The combination of hands-on teaching and field trips will ensure you get a thorough understanding of the Croatian wine world, culture and the ins-and-outs of winemaking the Croatian way.


For enrollment in the program, no previous knowledge in enology or winemaking is necessary.


Dare to take your love of wine to a new level this summer and explore the wines of Croatia - the hidden gem of Mediterranean wine culture and join us this summer for the Wine Program!

August 23, 2021 - September 3, 2021

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