Training Program With High School Teachers



Teachers and teaching chefs from culinary high schools all over Croatia came to Kul IN and became students for a week.


In pursuit of professional development, they participated in a one-week Artisan Bakery program at Kul IN. The project was conducted with the aim of enabling high school teachers to further advance their knowledge of contemporary gastro and hospitality trends.


What did the teachers do during the training? They prepared bakery products using starters, and learned about fermentation and yeast in the bakery. They also worked with buckwheat, rye, corn and other types of flour. We were delighted to witness the aromas of artisan breads, quiche, focaccia, croissants, pastries and other salty and sweet bakery products emanate from our pastry lab.


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Here is what the teachers said about the Artisan Bakery program:


I liked everything, I was already well-versed in bakery, but I wanted to learn something new about the artisan way of preparing bread. It is useful to learn new methods of dough preparation and stay informed about the use of starters because it is something that is not present in industrial production of bakery products. I will pass everything on to my students and I hope that we will successfully apply some of the artisan principles during the following school year.

- Gordana


What I liked most was the preparation of bapka, brioche and sourdough bread, which reminded me of the bread that my mother used to make when I was little. It took me back to my childhood. We learned new tricks about baking and it was a dynamic and rewarding experience.

- Mladenka


The program is extremely sophisticated and I have to commend our lecturer Morana who really gave her all to this program. I would say that we put together one mosaic all week and got new content that will really benefit us, not only in confectionery and baking, but also in cooking through cold appetizers, soup additions, as a crunchy component. It was as if we were in a lab researching what would happen if we made modifications to the formula. We had that freedom because the lecturer was flexible and great.


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