Asian Cuisine Workshop



The Asian Cuisine workshop will introduce the students to the techniques, concepts and postulates on which the most popular Asian dishes are based.


Duration2 days

Program6 hours of lectures and practice each day

During the first day, the students will get acquainted with the concept of sushi, basic cuts and types of sushi and methods of preparation. On the second day of the workshop, we focus on the wok and on the variety of foods, condiments and sauces we find in popular Asian dishes. The students will go through basic cutting techniques, as well as food processing techniques, side dish preparation and learn about the role of side dishes, and the proper seasoning and finishing of wok dishes.

Day 1 - Stir Fry Technique

Theory (1 hour): Understanding the concept of WOK, ingredients and sauces prevalent in East Asisan cuisine

Practice (5 hours): Wok, rice, noodles

Day 2 - Sushi

Theory (1 hour): Introduction to sushi, basic cuts and preparation techniques depending on the type of sushi

Practice (5 hours): Types of sushi, cuts, sauces, condiments 


Price: 4.000,00 HRK (VAT included) 

Included in the price:

- The whole workshop

- Accommodation

- Lunch

- Chef instructors

- Learning materials

- Kul IN apron

- Certificate of completion


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