Meet the Michelin Star Of Kul IN Connect



Meet the Michelin chef coming to Kul IN Connectand learn more about his family restaurant with 2 Michelin stars.


Located in the small town of Godia near the city of Udine, Agli Amici is the best ambassador of the rich local gastronomy. Their unique approach got a stamp of approval and earned them two Michelin stars. In 2021, they opened a restaurant in Rovinj - Agli Amici Rovinj - which won its first Michelin star in the same year. 



The restaurant Agli Amici is owned by the Scarello family and has been offering its guests the idea of ​​refined tradition, local ingredients and knowledge passed down from generation to generation since the very beginning. 



The Scarello family has had five generations of hospitality professionals, and more than 130 years in the restaurant business. Today, they are the emblem of the irresistible simplicity of Italian cuisine. Chef Emanuele Scarello has been connected to cooking since childhood. After finishing high school, he did internships all over Italy and beyond and collaborated with numerous chefs and peers over the course of his career. 



His culinary signature reveals a personal approach to the kitchen, dedication to local ingredients and contemporary style.

We are looking forward to cooking with the chef during Kul IN Connect, October 1, 2022.