“Arte Bianca” at Kul IN -Culinary Institute Kul IN


We invite you to join us for the Week of Italian Cuisine on November 10, 2022. The event is organized in partnership with the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Embassy, and ​​we are delighted to host it at Kul IN for the fourth time!



The Week of Italian Cuisine in the World is an initiative developed for the purpose of promoting the Italian gastro tradition - one of the main features of Italian identity and culture.

Every year, restaurants, hotels and entrepreneurs around the world participate in the celebration of Italian gastronomy and cherish the influence that Italy has had on different cuisines and cultures. We are excited to be a vital part of the initiative, and, together with our colleagues and friends from the Italian Trade Agency and the Italian Embassy, present the best that cooperation between Croatia and Italy has to offer.


Guests will have the opportunity to try Italian confectionery, ice cream and coffee products.

This year's edition of the Week of Italian Cuisine will feature a masterclass by Italian chef Federico Anzellotti, a confectionery virtuoso who grew up surrounded by the aromas and tastes of confectionery, which is affectionately called "Arte Bianca" ("White Art") in Italy. Longevity on the scene, consistency, experience and courage have secured Anzellotti a number of awards in the field of confectionery, with a special emphasis on chocolate. The crown jewel of his career is certainly the Prix Au Chef Pâtissier award in 2021, conferred on him by the International Academy of Gastronomy, and reserved for 5 best confectioners in the world.


See you at Kul IN!