About us

The Culinary Institute Kul IN has, wishing to provide comprehensive education in gastronomy for its students, started wine programs. The students of Cooking and Pastry Programs have the opportunity to listen to lectures on enology and wine tasting. However, students who are solely interested in education about wine, sparkling wines, beer, and other alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, will be able to keep pace with the newest wine trends,  technologies and possibilities of pairing food and wine.



The goal of Kul IN Wine School is to develop wine culture and education, to study, store and archive the Croatian wine tradition, to stimulate the knowledge exchange, experiences, and make a network with other wine cultures of The New and Old World, as well as to promote wine-makers, wine-growers and the Croatian gastro-enology culture. During our wine programs, seminars, workshops, camps and trips, the attendants will have the opportunity to upgrade their knowledge of enology  & viniculture, to professionally direct themselves to become a sommelier, as well as to direct themselves towards other professions which request the knowledge of wine culture, such as dining hall manager,  brand manager, Sales Representative and wine critic. 


The irresistible world of wine for centuries has been a source of inspiration, premeditation and creation. Learn how to tell stories about wine, how to recognize quality and how to create top quality gastro atmosphere. Start your professional wine journey at Kul IN!