Sweet Dreams: a peak into one of Croatia’s most delectable patisseries

Mak na Konac (which translates to “threading poppyseeds”) is a small pastry shop with a French charm to it, somewhat offset from the hustle and bustle, and yet still in the center of downtown Zagreb. It is also home to the creative world of Croatia’s most famous pastry chef Petra Jelenić. While hanging out with Petra recently, we had the opportunity to peek behind the scenes of this incredible little patisserie and meet her very young but ambitious team that was working hard to reach perfection in their confections.

One of the team’s members is Kul IN’s own alumnus Mia Salman, who was part of Kul IN’s first generation of students attending the course “Professional Pastry and Confections”. As one of our best students, we decided to congratulate her extending her education. After completing our program, Mia continued developing her confectionary skills by interning at Mak na Konac pastry shop. A month into her internship, Mia had already created a deep connection with her colleagues and became a valuable part of the team. Her experience working with Petra was a huge influence, and her desire to work as a pastry chef intensified as she gained a clearer view of the path towards her dream career. Although her internship is almost over, we are sure that we will continue to hear about Mia’s adventures into the land of sweets and pastries.

Head pastry chef Petra Jelenić is the driving force behind Mak na Konac, and she had no issue revealing her secret recipe for success: work, work, work, and more work. She openly shared her successes as well as her weaknesses, expressing the real-world challenges of managing a pastry shop. But when Petra talks about her recipes and cakes, that sparkle in her eye immediately channels fascination and excitement to anyone listening. The passion and care that Petra dedicates to her goodies make every bite special, which certainly adds to the uniqueness of the experience. Under Petra’s influence, cakes forever cease to be just cakes.

Since our student Mia had such a wonderful experience interning at Mak na Konac, we’ve decided to add an optional internship for everyone who completes our course “Professional Pastry and Confections.” We hope that this opportunity will help all of our future students make their sweet dreams a reality.

In the meantime, take a moment to peek into the fantastic little patisserie Mak na Konac and indulge in Petra’s divine cakes.