I want to use gastronomy to share knowledge

During the study of Economy and management in Lithuania, Yaqub has decided to take a year off to study Culinary Arts. As a young man who is still in search of his professional dreams, Yaqub decided to upgrade his knowledge in another profession. Having no previous knowledge in cooking, at every step he watched with excitement and absorbed all the knowledge. Although he still has a lot of work and learning in front of him, Yaqub has a more complete picture of himself.


“Professional cooks make amazing and tasty food. They also improve traditional recipes. I would like to get more experience in different cuisines and different regions as well, to improve my skills, then to bring it to my country and improve my national cuisine. Finally I want to open my own small and cosy café or restaurant to serve people and to give them tastes from all around the world. I want to use gastronomy to share knowledge.”

- Yakub Zeynalov

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