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„For me, it's great to have a diploma and skills because no matter where I go, even if I go to a foreign country, I don't have to speak their language I can just show them what I can do.“


Getting the desired education sometimes takes a lot of planning. For Liudmyla Lavrinenko that meant she had to wait several years for the perfect timing. With a great passion for pastries, Liudmyla finally started to realize her long desired dream, traveled across the world and at last found her perfect spot in Croatia.


- My love for cooking started when I graduated from college and started living on my own. That was when I realized that making food isn't only necessary but it can also be an enjoyable experience. I decided – it was never late to get an education and applied for cooking classes. But 95% of the course was theory based. Although it was interesting to learn new information, I wanted to practice. I searched for a place where I could get practical knowledge and found a newly opened restaurant. They invited me for an Internship and offered a full-time job as a pastry chef later on. I was beyond happy because making desserts were my favorite thing to do in the kitchen. I really liked the feeling of wearing the uniform, the smell of the pastries and pastry room. I thought: „This is what I really like!“.


- While I was working there I got very interested in trying myself in front of the house and found a job as a waitress in Poland. I started to love being part of the hospitality industry, meeting new people every day, working in a fast tempo, getting to know all the different aspects. I desired to experience more and moved to Qatar to work in a worldwide known restaurant as a supervisor. I learned so much about managing an entire restaurant there. But I kept watching baking shows at home and wishing that one day I would be creating a masterpiece of my own. This was the perfect chance to pursue my dream.


- I had been looking for a pastry school for a few years actually but I never had an opportunity to study at one, I needed to work first and save some money so I can have a relaxed studying period. When I started to think about leaving my job, I began to google schools. Most of the schools where either in Italy or France and then I saw one in Croatia, it was Kul IN. I really liked the Professional Pastry and Confections program, the length, the timing, and it was affordable. I felt good about Croatia. I thought "this is just perfect!". It was like destiny, everything was perfectly timed. I applied, did everything as soon as I could, and also quit my job as soon as I could.


- At the moment in Qatar, it is really difficult to be a pastry chef. But this is my dream job and I want to stay in this profession. For now, I plan to stay in Qatar, but I plan to move at some point. And it is a great opportunity for me to have a diploma and skills because no matter where I go, even if I go to a foreign country, I don't have to speak their language I can just show them what I can do. At the moment I am doing it for my personal desire and pleasure, but in the future I am planning to turn it into my career.


- The program taught me more than I had expected! I associate Kul IN with Croatia. I had a really sweet experience in general. It wasn't sweet just because it was in the sweet room (pastry practicum), it was sweet because I had sweet people around me. I really enjoyed the experience massively, it will definitely help me in the future.

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