Let's Be Great Chefs!


Culinary professionals need to constantly upgrade their knowledge, and every new professional training program helps you be the best chef you can be.




Kul IN alumnus Haris Hajdarević has worked as a chef in many different culinary environments and acquired a lot of experience in this field. Why does he still choose to attend culinary education programs? Haris says chefs should never stop learning or searching for education opportunities because professional training is an invaluable asset to anybody’s career. Read the interview and learn more about the benefits of professional training. Haris’s story will inspire you to pay attention to details when looking for inspiration and culinary ideas.

Kul IN: When did you decide you wanted to become a professional chef?

- I enrolled in a culinary school but thought it would be a temporary thing because I wanted to transfer to police academy. However, after the first internship, at the age of 15, I realized I was good at cooking and noticed that the chefs at the hotel were satisfied. I had finally found my true calling.

Kul IN: What memories bind you to food preparation?

- I didn’t show any interest in cooking as a kid, so I don’t have any prominent childhood memories centered around cooking. But now the cuisine reminds me of the sea, the forest, Dalmatia, Istria, the Mediterranean. I am inspired when I see nature, I get overcome by food flavors and aromas.

Kul IN: Why is professional training and education important?

- Culinary professionals need to constantly upgrade their knowledge, and every new professional training program helps you be the best chef you can be. Greater knowledge often means higher earnings and greater opportunities in life, they go hand in hand.

Kul IN: Do you already have work experience in gastronomy, where have you worked so far?

- Yes, I have tried to gain experience in many different places. I was in Austria, working at Arena Tourist, then I went to the Italian restaurant Tartoria Navetta. I also worked in Hotel 8 on Brač, Hotel Amphitheater in Pula and a wok restaurant in Zagreb. After that I went to the Little Green Bay Hotel on Hvar, then to the Burg Vital resort in Austria.

Kul IN: Which lesson was your favorite?

- Everything was good, but the pasta was the best. It was super interesting.

Kul IN: What dish/cuisine do you like to prepare in your free time?

- I love preparing fish and pasta. In my free time I prefer Chinese, Dalmatian and Italian cuisine, and at work I prefer Italian and French cuisine. 

Kul IN: What motivates you?

- Curiosity, desire to learn and my family!

Kul IN: Where would you like to work in the future?

- I am drawn to restaurant environment, there is a lot of action, adrenaline, but there is also greater possibility of making a mistake, which makes it a challenge. Also, guests’ delight can be most noticed in the restaurant.

Kul IN: Any interesting plans?

- I want to intern abroad. It may surprise you, but I have no desire to open my own restaurant. You need good nerves for that, and I just love to cook. I would like to stay in Croatia, but everything will depend on the job offer and situation.

Kul IN: What would you say to future Kul IN students?

- Stay away from bad habits, i.e. rock and roll lifestyle doesn’t automatically make you a good chef. Try different foods and cuisines, and stay dedicated to culinary arts.

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