Food Photography and Pizza Preparation – New at Kul IN

What’s new at Kul IN?

  • We have 2 new subjects
  • Culinary and Pastry programs last 3 months now

Food Styling and Smartphone Photography

How to present your work in an visually pleasing way? The first step is always photography.

Photos help us share our story with the community. Before they taste food, people eat with their eyes.

We decided to supplement the culinary and pastry programs with the Food Styling and Smartphone Photography lectures.

Lecturer Vedrana Barišić Burazin is a professional pastry chef who realized her career through photography.

In two days of lectures, Kul IN students will learn the techniques and tricks of smartphone photography, food styling and understand the rules of lighting, and get to know the basic equipment that can be used on a daily basis.

Pizza Lectures

One of the most popular dishes in the world still remains largely unexplored and few chefs are familiar with pizza in its original form.

Students will work with different types of flour, shape the dough using traditional techniques, but also learn the mechanical side of pizza preparation. In 4 days of pizza preparation classes, Kul IN students will prepare original types of dough, learn about equipment, suppliers, use tried and true techniques and create pizza toppings in accordance with the Italian philosophy of top-quality simplicity.

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