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From Family Business To Excellent Fine Dining Restaurant

Although still in his mid-twenties, Roko Nikolić managed to work in Michelin restaurants, be part of the Meneghetti team and start a success story with the restaurant Locanda Blu, which immediately became one of the most important restaurants on the Croatian coast. Here's his story!

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From Baking During Lockdown To Pastry Chef

One of our latest alumni, Kristof Bardos, discovered pastry and confectionery almost by accident, during the lockdown. Today, he has big plans for his newly found passion. Kristof comes from Romania, but lives in Iceland and he shared with us why he decided to further his education in Croatia. We discussed and reminisced about his time at Kul IN, final exams and desserts that he likes to prepare.

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Relaxing Baking Story From the US

Cristina Ramos comes from Ecuador and has lived in the US for quite a while now. She says that confectionery serves as a form of therapy for her, a way to relax after work. While preparing a cake at home, she realized she needed to hone in on her baking proficiency and decided to look for pastry programs. Two weeks later, she was at Kul IN.

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Studying Pastry In Croatia - Djenane Gaspard

"To get the most out of your time on the program, you have to study and push yourself. The feeling after you finish will be truly rewarding. There are different ways to approach this program but I do everything 100 %"

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New Teaching Chef - Kul IN Team Is Growing

After 19 years of working in a bank, Natalija Jagunić decided to turn her hobby into a business opportunity, and finding the right education program was an important part of her business plan. She enrolled in the Professional Pastry and Confections program, became a Kul IN alumna and successfully started her own business. Now, she is returning to us as a lecturer!

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Croatian Named World's Best Pastry Chef

Kul IN alumna Maša Salopek won The Best Chef Pastry Award, making her the best pastry chef in the world.

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Future Pastry Encyclopedia

Sanja Belac is a young and ambitious pastry chef who grew up preparing desserts in her family’s restaurant, but she put an official stamp of approval on her knowledge when she enrolled in the Professional Pastry and Confections program. She best described her goals herself when she said she wanted to become a walking pastry encyclopedia. Read the story of Sanja Belac!

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Open Enrollments

If gastronomy is on the list of your priorities, join us and become a part of Kul IN’s international student network! The enrollment period for January programs is open until December 17, 2021!

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Your Meeting With Kul IN

Schedule a meeting with Kul IN staff and ask us anything about the programs!

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Culinary Entrepreneurship After Kul IN

The Culinary Arts program paved the way for Hrvoje's new career, which was only a hobby for him while he was in college. Read how Hrvoje Gjurkinjak combined his business skills with his newly acquired culinary skills and opened a restaurant immediately after completing his education at Kul IN.

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Realizing Career Goals During the Pandemic?

Lucian Martinis decided to continue his education after high school and enrolled in the Culinary Management program despite the many obstacles chefs and gastro industry came upon last year. The determination paid off and Lucian found his place in the prestigious Michelin restaurant Boškinac right after completing the program.

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Meet Le Cordon Bleu Pastry Chef Instructor & Chocolatier Elaine Young

Elaine is a chocolatier of rare skill, a distinguished pastry chef overall, a savvy marketing specialist, and a true inspiration. She is going to share her insights with Kul IN pastry students in an online lecture soon, and we are looking forward to it already.

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Winner of Michelin “Chef Donna 2021” Said This For Kul IN

"When I started cooking, I focused on a cuisine that did not represent me. It represented only the techniques and foods that I had learned to cook. But at one point I realized that I wanted to create a cuisine that carries a part of me, which is not that simple. To reveal your own identity and personality through cooking, it is necessary to go through a long process, take everything off yourself, strip everything down, and give yourself freedom."

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Don't Put Your Baking Dreams on Hold

Maeve O'Hara was one of the people whose plans were delayed last year. Or was she? True, she decided to postpone starting college but refused to be idle in the meantime. She did her research, found the perfect pastry and confections program for her, and the rest is history. Let's dive in.

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Insights From A Worldwide Chef

After Kul IN, Sylvia really achieved an international career and made herself cozy in professional kitchens on three different continents, eventually settling down in her own professional kitchen when she opened her cafe! She opened her own small restaurant and applied what she had learned at Kul IN and around the world. Read the interview and follow Sylvia from Kul IN through England, France, Canada and all the way home to Australia.

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A Small Family Restaurant That Does Things Differently

The long-term plan is to open a restaurant in the city where I would continue to entertain the guests with Bosnian cuisine but in a different and contemporary way. Kul IN gave me many ideas and confidence.

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Professional Advice By Renowned Croatian Pastry Chef

With interns, I most like to see the enthusiasm for work, and if I feel their diligence, that person will always stand out above others. The passion for baking and doing what we do is sacred to me, making desserts with emotion cannot be compared to anything else. If emotions disappear, the only thing that's left is the mechanics and routine.

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Comprehensive 2-Month Education

My topic for the final exam is the city of Lima. In Peru, people eat sweet potato puree with marshmallows for Christmas. I will make a cream out of puree, the base will be dacquoise with pecan nuts and orange peel, and everything will be topped with cocoa butter, and marshmallows with a little lime gel.

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Ambitious, Young Pastry Chefs Who Further Their Education

I finished high school this year and wanted to continue my education right away while I was still in that school state of mind. After the program, I am going to work in a restaurant, gain experience, and one day I want to open my own pastry shop.

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Peruvian Take on European Pastry Tradition

Kul IN stood out as an attractive option because of its location, price, duration, and the fact that the programs are in English. Those aspects helped me make the decision to study here.

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Building Michelin Reputation As A Pastry Chef

I looked at pastry and culinary school options in Croatia and Kul IN seemed like a great opportunity for advancing my skills. The program remains one of my favorite memories of all times…

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Benefits of Pursuing Education Despite the Current Situation?

The consensus seems to be that the current situation has brought about many challenges and obstacles for those wanting to pursue education, but is that always true? We asked our students to share their experience regarding their decision to take up the challenge and embark on the journey of professional training despite this being a peculiar period in everyone's life.

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Improving Together – Creativity Meets Relevance

Pursuing a career in gastronomy provides you with the opportunity to specialize in different cuisines and experience different cultures. However, to achieve this goal, you will need to have a firm grasp of a broad range of trends and aspects of the food industry. The enrollment period for January programs is open until November 19, 2021!

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New Strengths in the COVID-19 Time

We have learned that although this time is scary in many ways, it presents us with opportunities to focus on ourselves, further our education, explore self-improvement and train our courage in private and professional realm.

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Chef On A Yacht - Everything You Need To Know

I am very happy with the program, I truly enjoyed it. The curriculum and the whole layout have been well elaborated and realized, study materials are also great. I am also glad that we got together well as a team, it will be difficult to part with my colleagues. We are already making plans for the summer! You meet people who share the same love, the same passion for food that you have here. There is always something to talk about, a recipe or idea that requires a discussion.

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Organic Take On Culinary Arts

Gregor had always been a beekeeping and agriculture enthusiast, but his career has recently turned in a different, though not completely different, direction. He still appreciates organic ingredients and simple, authentic techniques, but he prefers to prepare these ingredients in a professional kitchen, rather than producing them on a farm. Read how he got a job as a sous chef at one of the most innovative restaurants in Zagreb so early in his career, and find out why education is important to him, and where he plans to take his career in the future.

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How I Got My Dream Internship

Interning surrounded by the nature, in a picturesque Mediterranean town sounds like a dream but for Kul IN alumna Anastasiya Korol that dream became a reality when she got a call that said she would be interning at Meneghetti. Today, she has a vision and a clear path to unlocking her full potential, creativity and ambition. Read the full interview and get inspired to push beyond your wildest expectations.

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Culinary School With a Craft-Brewing Center

Students will have the opportunity to participate in brewing and learn how to identify a top-quality product. They will know what to look out for when tasting, and learn different ways and forms of serving beer, and pairing beer with food.

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Education Inspires Restaurant Owners - Gastro Report

Josić winery and restaurant is a place that best evokes the atmosphere of this area; the freshness of the wine cellars and the warmth of the food and hospitality of the people. The Kul IN alumnus and owner of the winery and restaurant, Damir Josić, in addition to evoking the atmosphere of Baranja with his dishes and wines, decided to spice up his authentic Baranja gastronomic story with fine dining elements. Here's the tea...

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Fragrant Culinary Aromas On The Island Of Korčula

The Kul IN alumni Karlo Moretti is the owner and head chef of the Nigra restaurant on the island of Korčula. With its lavender fields, olive trees, and dreamy beaches, the island is a prototype of intoxicating Mediterranean atmosphere. The island of Korčula is famous for its fortified old town, sunny weather, vibrant culture, and small-town charm, and all of these things are best experienced through food (you already know our recommendation). Read the full interview to make sure that Korčula and Nigra are a must-see!

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Michelin Chef's Empowering Message

A Slavonia native, Goran Kočiš left Croatia after graduating from high school to pursue a career that would eventually earn him a Michelin star. He had worked all over Austria and after ten years he returned to Croatia. With his project Noel, he acquired the first, long-awaited Michelin star to continental Croatian gastronomy. One goal was achieved and Goran returned to Slavonia in pursuit of new challenges. His return has empowered local producers and inspired many to look for a successful career in the place closest to them - home.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Interning at Restaurants – Matija Jagić

While interning, you „build“ your personal cooking style and signature. I got a well-rounded picture of top gastronomy, learned where to go. I witnessed the everyday life of top chefs and observed their thought process. It was invaluable to experience the atmosphere in the best restaurants and to be a part of that energy. Every night is like a match, the guys want to be the best and do everything perfectly, something special is in the air every time.

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