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Advanced Culinary Program

This new international culinary program offers students the insight and opportunity to experience comprehensive learning about gastronomy and hospitality. Students will have the opportunity, after two months of studying culinary arts at Kul IN, to continue their education at a school in Lucerne, Switzerland. Partner school from Switzerland, the Business and Hotel Management School offer students the opportunity to further develop their culinary skills and knowledge with the help of top-ranking lecturers from around the world.

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Sanja Sajko - chasing dreams

Sanja’s professional story is truly inspirational due to the fact she started working as a pastry chef later in life when she decided to quit her steady job and embrace her true love, pastries pastry-making. Ever since a TV show made her the star that she is, her professional pastry career has been progressing rapidly. Besides pastry making, Sanja also enjoys being a mentor. She shares her professional knowledge and experience with Kul IN students where she works as a guest lecturer.

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Creativity as a priority

„In my second year of study, I shared a flat with five girls and I got really obsessed with baking. They'd wake up in the morning and three different types of cakes were waiting for them on the counter. Eventually, they said: „Laura you've got to do something with this“. That was when I started thinking of doing baking as a profession. That locked my mind.“

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Let your passion for cooking fuel your career

Chef Fabio Vitale, an Executive Chef with world experience, has recently started working at one of Croatia's top restaurants and boutique hotels, Meneghetti. Together with pastry chef Dragana Kovačević he prepared a masterclass at Culinary Institute Kul IN in which students had a chance to meet them and experience their work and expertise.

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Career worth journey from Australia

Studying in Europe can be a thrilling professional and life experience, and studying in Croatia is an oncoming trend. With its fusion of Mediterranean, Central European and bit of Middle Eastern Cuisines, Croatia definitely offers a culinary journey worth thinking about. As an international culinary school for cooks, pastry chefs, and sommeliers, we are always happy to have ambitious and talented students from all over the world, and our alumni team from Australia is one of those. Meet our students from Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Some of them are running their private culinary projects, and others stayed in Europe, working in Michelin restaurants. Read more...

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Join Kul IN’s international student network

If gastronomy is on the list of your priorities, join us this winter and become a part of Kul IN’s international student network! Enrolment period is opened until 10th May!

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Meet the world with your culinary diploma

Professional cooks and pastry chefs surprise us with their amazing menus, which fuse personal gastronomic tradition with the multitude of experiences from their education and work abroad. Constant communication, practice, and work with colleagues from around the world make studying at Kul IN a one-of-a-kind experience. The international setting allows students to build networks, which will help them prepare successfully for their upcoming culinary career. We are accepting applications for our June programs until May 10, 2019!

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Internship in France

Start building your culinary experiences in one of the gastronomically most influential countries of the world, in France. Internships lasting from three to six months allowing trainees to work in an international environment, to gain international references, unique professional experience and learning, and specialized their knowledge in French cuisine.

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Wine program

Within the wine program, we use theoretical and hands-on training so that students can have a complete insight into the world of wine. Upon completion, the student is going to have knowledge to independently determine wine quality, select wines, pair wine with food and compose the wine chart.

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I was born with a love for meat - Tihomir Smoljanec

Tihomir Smoljanec, owner of Meat the King, specialized butchery, master of meat aging and true lover of the quality of the breed of Black Slavonian pig, once again through his guest lecture successfully showed our students the importance of quality and origin of foods. While the baby beef rib eye was being prepared on a pan, and while the students were tasting dry aged beef T-bone, Tihomir shared his thoughts on livestock breeding and meat in general.

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Sicily a la carte - International Week of Italian Cuisine

The distinguished chef Andrea Ruisi is a representative of the new generation of Italian chefs. As part of the International Week of Italian Gastronomy, which will be held in Culinary Institute Kul IN for the second year in a row, chef Ruisi will present a classic and contemporary interpretation of Sicilian dishes and desserts. During the culinary show 'Traditions taken to next level' held on Tuesday, November 20th at 6 pm, chef Ruisi will prepare a lecture on Italian pasta while preparing different meals.

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Culinary Management - Kul IN's newest program in partnership with the Zagreb School of Economics and Management

Zagreb School of Economics and Management and Culinary Institute Kul IN have partnered to offer a new joint program in Culinary Management. Students who plan to work the field of gastronomy as restaurant or pastry shop managers, or who want to open a restaurant business of their own, can apply for this well-rounded program.

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Specialize your knowledge within Italian Modern Pastry Program

Specialize your knowledge and skills as Pastry chef within Italian Modern Pastry program. This joint program of Kul IN and Italian culinary academy ALMA, La Scuola Internazionale di Cucina Italiana offers to students fundamentals of Italian modern Pastry in its regional variations with theory, demonstrations and training classes. Students will also have a chance to do an internship in some of the well known Italian pastry shops, pastry labs, hotels or Michelin star restaurants. Enrolment period is opened!

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Finding the right pastry school

“Kul IN is in a small town, but that allows you to really concentrate on pastries. Staff are friendly and really supportive, it is fun and you really get that one on one experience. It is not like in many other schools where you have to work in pairs or groups, where you don’t get to do everything nor go through the whole process on your own."

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The life of a Chef is incredible in every sense of the word

"When I started cooking, I focused on a cuisine that did not represent me. It represented only the techniques and foods that I had learned to cook. But at one point I realized that I wanted to create a cuisine that carries a part of me, which is not that simple. To reveal your own identity and personality through cooking, it is necessary to go through a long process, take everything off yourself, strip everything down, and give yourself freedom."

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We each have our own sushi knife

With the spread of the world's most varied cuisines, the launch of new interesting concepts and the arrival of excellent foreign chefs, the vibrant restaurant scene in Zagreb is now experiencing a true bloom of ideas and original culinary projects. At the time when Takenoko first opened, it was the first Japanese restaurant in Zagreb and it differed completely from the restaurant scene of that time. Very quickly, through hard work and excellent cuisine, it started to open up the classical restaurant scene to the world. Although the organization of supplies, education of guests and affirmation took time, the efforts have resulted in a successful elite Japanese restaurant in the heart of Zagreb.

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Two months I'll remember forever

"When I arrived at Kul IN, I was pretty scared. It was my first time away from home and I was suddenly aware that I had to learn to live on my own. I found out that I was tougher than I thought. I had a great time. I learned in two months what I thought would not be possible to learn in several years. "

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We are specialized in making people happy

“Since graduating from Kul In in 2016, I have slowly been building my own company of decorated cakes, and small-scale catering of sweets and desserts. I am very blessed to have the opportunity to have the use of the professional kitchen at my father’s café – I know a lot of people don’t have an opportunity like that.”

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Every moment in the kitchen makes me more confident that this is what I want

"I grew up in Lebanon and the oldest memories of my childhood are the smell of my mom's homemade cooking and the sound of my father's jazz music."

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Studying Enriched with Italian Culture and Gastronomy

Preserving its rich culinary tradition through generations and carefully supplementing it with new ideas, Italy has earned its status as a dominant world gastronomic power. And, while today’s world is intent on globalizing high cuisine, Italy managed to maintain its autonomy and innovation through an earnest approach to gastronomy and food processing industry, thus becoming a leading superpower in training future chefs. Today, modern Italian cuisine is a model for the world gastronomy and its mind-set.

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International Week of Italian Cuisine

The International Week of Italian Cuisine is a celebration that is held simultaneously in over 100 countries around the world. In the celebration of the International Week of the Italian Cuisine, we will have a special culinary show. The culinary show will be led by the famous Italian chef Isa Mazzocchi, whose restaurant La Palta was awarded a Michelin star. Professor Fabio Amadei, professor of History and Culture of Italian Gastronomy at the Italian Culinary Academy ALMA, will present the magical connection between the Emilia-Romagna region, composer Giuseppe Verdi and the art of cooking. Reserve your spot on the cooking show!

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Career changing experience: from corporate IT job to Culinary Arts

“My professional and personal life were very different. At my free time I was always exploring new restaurants and bars at Sydney just to feel new flavours and combinations. I would very often cook at home for my friends, always trying new ingredients, and at some point I realised I was spending all my free time and income on food and travelling.”

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On a list of 65 schools, Kul IN was her best choice in Europe

“Studying was very intense. I learned a lot about myself. Me, moving to a country where I don't know anyone, I had never done that. You learn how you would deal with a high stress situation, working with people you don't know very well, and living with people you had never met, and creating new friendships. It is a unique self-journey, learning how to cook, and I've been perfecting it since the day I arrived.”

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An innovator in Croatian pastry profession

Culinary Institute Kul IN strives to bring its students closer to the culinary profession through guest lectures and demo presentations by eminent chefs. Croatia's most famous restaurant pastry chef and chocolatier Robert Bašić recently visited Kul IN, and extra seats were hard to find at his demonstration. Chef Bašić was a fantastic mentor, answering all of the students' questions without hesitation as he shared stories from his professional and private life experiences.

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Dim Sum: Discipline in Life, Discipline in Food

The culinary heritage of China has left a profound impact on global gastronomy. The unique techniques of thermal processing, pairing and serving foods are an example to chefs around the world. The charm and discipline of Cantonese cuisine were presented to us by our guests, first class chefs Chan Chun Hung and Leung Kim Sum, instructors from the Chinese Culinary Institute CCI in Hong Kong. Discover with us the magic of Hong Kong and the secrets of classical Cantonese Dim Sum.

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Jedi from Italy

Vedran was welcomed into this international team of cooks, and after he completed his exams, he was offered to continue working at Al Porticciolo 84. Today, Vedran is the head chef's right hand man. He works a lot and plans even more, and fish has become his specialty.

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Matching California and Croatia brings you to Lovro Miklauzic

Growing in the family with their own wine-cellar, situated at the slopes of Moslavina vineyards, Lovro developed curiosity towards wine as a little boy. Following his father and helping in all procedures of vine cultivation and wine production, he learned to recognize and appreciate good quality wine. Gaining experience at Moslavina vineyards, Faculty of Agriculture in Zagreb and California, Lovro today is expert in world class wines.

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Managers in Culinary Arts

The goal of our programs is, besides developing practical knowledge and skills from the culinary cultures worldwide, to offer the basics to our students so that they can create their own identity all over the world by their further work. Because of the fact that we expect our students, after having finished some of the offered programs, to work in tourism and service industry, we consider that, besides the already mentioned culinary knowledge and skills, it is necessary to develop their business, communicative and managing skills as well. That is why the subject Restaurant management has been made a part of the compulsory program.

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Cooking is communication

This restaurant is not like the others. Apart from the fact that there are incredibly tasty, they pay great attention to esthetichs. Very nice dishes, very beautiful serving. Very nice interior and music. In just two years of operation they received the first Michelin star. And we are confident that soon the restaurant will get a second star. The restaurant has its own fruit and vegetable garden with aromatic herbs. New internship experience from Italy

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Sweet Italy

Every real professional has to be consistent, noble and open, this is what I strive for and what I teach my students. Everyone can be creative at a certain point, but it is not easy to keep that creativity. Therefore, it is of great importance to be consistent and to keep and build your knowledge, because only it is constant as is professionalism.

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Blending future chefs with wine culture

To achieve top quality gastronomy experience, menus are always rounded with a carefully chosen droplet of wine. Cookery and wine are inseparable obverse of each table and for centuries they have been developing harmoniously, continuously creating new trends in gastronomy. In order to prepare our students of culinary and pastry programs for managerial posts in restaurants and hotels, we have decided to include the subject Wines in all culinary programs.

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Cuisine is the Child of the Age within which It Lives

Future cook must be able to bring a cultural segment or a bit of their personal gastronomic traditions into their cooking as an essential stamp of individuality.

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All The Flavors of the World in a Single Pot

This career offers a lot of satisfaction. Although the work is hard, you can meet all kinds of people and travel the whole world. And when you see your customers with happy faces, or when you receive a compliment, there is no greater satisfaction in the world than that.

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Culinary Arts

During this two-month program, participants will receive a broad and intense education in professional cooking and pastry making. The dynamic course schedule is designed for people wishing to improve their culinary skills or who are directing themselves towards a career in professional gastronomy.

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The Culinary Institute Kul In inspires perfection in the culinary world, and is Croatia’s leader in educating students interested in the culinary arts. Our innovative approach to culinary education emphasizes  individual creativity, highlighting
the details that each student’s unique background and experiences add to their cooking. We don’t simply make chefs; we make future culinary leaders, and thus change the way the world views gastronomy.

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