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How I Got My Dream Internship in 2020

Interning surrounded by the nature, in a picturesque Mediterranean town sounds like a dream but for Kul IN alumna Anastasiya Korol that dream became a reality when she got a call that said she would be interning at Meneghetti. Today, she has a vision and a clear path to unlocking her full potential, creativity and ambition. Read the full interview and get inspired to push beyond your wildest expectations.

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Insights From A Worldwide Chef

After Kul IN, Sylvia really achieved an international career and made herself cozy in professional kitchens on three different continents, eventually settling down in her own professional kitchen when she opened her cafe! She opened her own small restaurant and applied what she had learned at Kul IN and around the world. Read the interview and follow Sylvia from Kul IN through England, France, Canada and all the way home to Australia.

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Masterclass by the Michelin chef Goran Kočiš

Goran Kočiš, the chef who secured the first and only Michelin star in continental Croatia is having a masterclass at Kul IN. Join us on October 1, 2020, and kickstart your autumn season with an educational workshop!

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Education Inspires Restaurant Owners - Gastro Report

Josić winery and restaurant is a place that best evokes the atmosphere of this area; the freshness of the wine cellars and the warmth of the food and hospitality of the people. The Kul IN alumnus and owner of the winery and restaurant, Damir Josić, in addition to evoking the atmosphere of Baranja with his dishes and wines, decided to spice up his authentic Baranja gastronomic story with fine dining elements. Here's the tea...

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Fragrant Culinary Aromas On The Island Of Korčula

The Kul IN alumni Karlo Moretti is the owner and head chef of the Nigra restaurant on the island of Korčula. With its lavender fields, olive trees, and dreamy beaches, the island is a prototype of intoxicating Mediterranean atmosphere. The island of Korčula is famous for its fortified old town, sunny weather, vibrant culture, and small-town charm, and all of these things are best experienced through food (you already know our recommendation). Read the full interview to make sure that Korčula and Nigra are a must-see!

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Michelin Chef's Empowering Message

A Slavonia native, Goran Kočiš left Croatia after graduating from high school to pursue a career that would eventually earn him a Michelin star. He had worked all over Austria and after ten years he returned to Croatia. With his project Noel, he acquired the first, long-awaited Michelin star to continental Croatian gastronomy. One goal was achieved and Goran returned to Slavonia in pursuit of new challenges. His return has empowered local producers and inspired many to look for a successful career in the place closest to them - home.

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Join Kul IN’s international student network

If gastronomy is on the list of your priorities, join us this fall and become a part of Kul IN’s international student network! The enrollment period is opened until October 2, 2020!

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Building Michelin Reputation As A Pastry Chef

I looked at pastry and culinary school options in Croatia and Kul IN seemed like a great opportunity for advancing my skills. The program remains one of my favorite memories of all times…

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Sparkling wines workshop - 17.10.2020.

The world of sparkling wines is always on the move, and understanding the peculiarities of this world is essential for culinary and pastry professionals who want to expand their knowledge and advance their careers. There are various methods and techniques that winemakers use to play with the flavor and profile of their sparkling wines. One of the techniques is the topic of this workshop. Kul IN’s one-day workshop will introduce you to all the possibilities and influence of expedition liqueur on the profile of sparkling wines.

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Great wines of Croatia - 31.10.2020.

Learn about Croatian wine regions and the best local winemakers. Croatian wine regions offer a wide range of varieties and styles of wine. Prepare your palates because the coolest Plavac Mali, Babić, Sauvignon Blanc, Škrlet, Cabernet Sauvignon, Graševina and Malvazija are waiting for you in Kul IN.

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Craft brewing workshop - 21.11.2020.

Attendees of the Craft Beer Workshop will experience and taste all the richness and diversity that craft beer can offer as a food item. We will try different styles of our in-house beer and learn and understand the craft beer production process.

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Improving Together – Creativity Meets Relevance

Pursuing career in gastronomy provides you with the opportunity to specialize in different cuisines and experience different cultures. However, to achieve this goal, you will need to have a firm grasp on a broad range of trends and aspects of the food industry. Our fall Culinary Arts program and Professional Pastry and Confections program start on October 20, 2020, and you can apply by October 2, 2020.

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My Baking Journey

I needed professional training because I was self-taught up to this point and I didn't have a comprehensive understanding of pastry. I wanted to master basic techniques, which are the foundation of pastry-making, and get the full picture of the profession. At Kul IN, I had the chance to work with professional equipment for the first time. I was so excited when I saw my workstation and oven! I played with interesting ingredients, I dabbed into working with vanilla, and so much more. My expectations have been fulfilled in this matter, also it is nice to have a certificate in your resume.

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Pastry Chef on a Mission

Studying at Kul IN was a very nice experience, you meet new people from all over the world! It is worth enrolling in the program if you like pastry arts. Write, be attentive, and study, but the practice is most important.

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Chef On A Yacht - Everything You Need To Know

I am very happy with the program, I truly enjoyed it. The curriculum and the whole layout have been well elaborated and realized, study materials are also great. I am also glad that we got together well as a team, it will be difficult to part with my colleagues. We are already making plans for the summer! You meet people who share the same love, the same passion for food that you have here. There is always something to talk about, a recipe or idea that requires a discussion.

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Pursuing Career Fresh Out Of High School

The program has definitely widened my perspective in terms of thinking about cooking and food industry. We saw many new things, went on educational trips, and had guest chefs come and share their knowledge with us. All this contributed to the quality of the program; we met chefs with different characters and saw how different their styles can be.

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The Secret Ingredient - Courage

This is my first encounter with professional training and education, I started working in the restaurant, Alegria, in October last year. Working at a restaurant led me to start thinking more ambitiously about culinary arts and I decided to come to Kul IN.

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Let's Be Great Chefs!

Culinary professionals need to constantly upgrade their knowledge, and every new professional training program helps you be the best chef you can be.

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A Small Family Restaurant That Does Things Differently

The long-term plan is to open a restaurant in the city where I would continue to entertain the guests with Bosnian cuisine but in a different and contemporary way. Kul IN gave me many ideas and confidence.

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Project - opening a restaurant in Bavaria

I am opening a small and cozy fine dining restaurant overlooking the golf course. The program gave me a better idea of what it means to work in the kitchen. I also learned and got acquainted with building menus, I know how much work goes into it. Read the interview with Tobias!

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Developing My Food Project – A Story from Texas

I knew a lot of the techniques before I came to Kul IN, but it was nice having chef Zdravko, someone who has the knowledge, someone who can look at something and see that my oil is too hot, somebody that can guide you along. That is something that you can't get when studying online.

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New York student office

We are thrilled to announce that from now on we have a New York office! Our New York recruitment office will be facilitating the enrollment of prospective students who are interested in acquiring credentials in the gastronomy industry.

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Culinary School With a Craft-Brewing Center

Students will have the opportunity to participate in brewing and learn how to identify a top-quality product. They will know what to look out for when tasting, and learn different ways and forms of serving beer, and pairing beer with food.

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Kul IN Klub – Kul IN’s new zero-waste classroom and lunchroom

We interviewed Maya Sertic, project manager at Kul IN and designer of our newest educational facility, Kul IN Klub, or KIK for short. Maya graduated from UC Santa Cruz with degrees in Ecology and Environmental Studies, and she completed her master’s degree in Marine Biology in Zagreb, Croatia. She’s a passionate environmentalist interested in finding ways to make industries a little greener in their work.

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Everything You Wanted to Know About Interning at Restaurants – Matija Jagić

While interning, you „build“ your personal cooking style and signature. I got a well-rounded picture of top gastronomy, learned where to go. I witnessed the everyday life of top chefs and observed their thought process. It was invaluable to experience the atmosphere in the best restaurants and to be a part of that energy. Every night is like a match, the guys want to be the best and do everything perfectly, something special is in the air every time.

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Progressive Slovenian Gastronomy - Chef Jorg Zupan

My style is constantly changing organically; if you define it and say "this is my style" you put yourself in a box that is hard to get out of. Freedom is very important to me and I do not want to limit myself creatively.

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Exciting Journey - From A Student To A Chef

I started almost from scratch and now I learn and work side by side with the best chefs in Italy.

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Meet Our New Lecturers - Morana Mijač

"Food means socializing, it is the source of sustainability, it represents the celebration of life, comfort and pleasure. A person who cooks is a person who gives. It is not just about the act of cooking – culinary arts is so much more than that. It is about the transformation of both chefs and food. Food can be an inspiration, and it is more about the process than just plating. My first love and passion, the love that has been with me since my childhood, is the love of food and the unity it symbolizes. That love is why I fell in love with cooking. And when you fall in love, everything else is easy. "

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Kitchen Ecology - New Lecturer for the New Subject

A good chef should be a chemist, physicist, nutritionist, psychologist, doctor, artist and manual worker in one.

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Sweet Fine Dining Story from Alumna Ema Lušetić

„I used to tell people that I was going to become a pastry chef, even if it happened at the age of 90. However, some life events have taught me that life is too short! This is exactly what inspired me! Life is short, we shouldn’t wait on the perfect timing to start pursuing our goals.“

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Entrepreneur Going “Back to the Kitchen”

An entrepreneur, winemaker, restaurant owner, professional chef and Kul IN alumni, Damir Josić had spent decades running successful gastronomy-related business projects. However, at the age of 52 he realized that a key ingredient had been missing and the puzzle of his professional life still wasn’t complete, so he decided to enroll in the Culinary Arts program at Kul IN and he is currently studying in Italy to become a Professional chef of Italian cuisine.

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One Culinary Step At a Time

Najdraža lekcija mi je bila kada smo pripremali beef steak, a najdraže jelo koje sam spremio na programu bila su pačja prsa s pireom od batata i meda s karameliziranim fileima od naranče.

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