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Healthy Pastries – Gluten-free, Vegan and Raw Desserts

Apply for the Healthy Pastries course!

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Open Enrollments

If gastronomy is on the list of your priorities, join us and become a part of Kul IN’s international student network! The enrollment period for all intake dates is open!

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My New Office Is Professional Kitchen

After learning about Kul IN, he seized the opportunity to make a career change and realize his goal of becoming a chef. He continued his education at our partner school BHMS after the program, worked at one of the best hotels in the world, a now it’s time to look back on his time on the programs. Let’s meet Dino!

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3 Stories of Kul IN And Slovenia

What ties Kul IN and Slovenia together? Cooperation, friendships, students, guest lecturers, education programs with secondary schools from Slovenia, and much more. It's time to share some of the stories in one place. You will meet Michelin chef Jorg Zupan and students of Pastry and Culinary Arts, Dino Draganović and Sanja Belac.

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Your Meeting With Kul IN

Schedule a meeting with Kul IN staff and ask us anything about the programs! Get the first-minute discount of 1.200 EUR!

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New Campus On The Coast

The new campus provides an additional and unique opportunity for learning and development in the heart of Croatian tourism.

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Culinary Success Stories From Sarajevo

So far we have had a lot of students from Sarajevo, so it's time to tell you more about them! Some had been in the hospitality industry for years before they finished Kul IN programs, while others entered a professional kitchen for the first time only a few months ago. Meet Vildana, Muhamed and Emina!

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Food Styling and Smartphone Photography - New Subject for Kul IN Students

We are very happy to announce a new subject that our Culinary and Pastry students will take during the program – Food Styling and Smartphone Photography. And what better way to introduce the new subject then with an interview with the lecturer.

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Food Photography and Pizza Preparation - New at Kul IN

We have 2 new subjects, and Culinary and Pastry programs last 3 months now. Check out the details!

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Ivona's Michelin Story From Genova

We spoke with our alumna and one of the chefs at the Michelin restaurant The Cook from Genoa, Ivona Jerković. She revealed to us what a working day at the Michelin restaurant looks like, how she found her way in this new world and what motivates her on her professional path.

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5 Questions On Chocolate and Character - Robert Bašić at Kul IN

Learning is an ongoing process, a process that combines trial and error, a process that builds good foundations. Everything will come with time. Slow down, learn and enjoy!

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Japanese Philosophy of Sushi at Kul IN

As a student at Kul IN, Marin Martinković noticed that interesting world flavors appealed to him, and after the program and internship, he decided to specialize in sushi preparation at the Tokyo Sushi Academy. Now he's coming back to do a sushi course for Culinary Arts students and guests, so we took the opportunity and asked him a few questions.

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Culinary Career in Switzerland - Adam Rajndl

A few months after completing the program at Kul IN and B.H.M.S., Adam is realizing his culinary dreams at the luxury 5-star hotel Mandarin Oriental Palace Luzern in Switzerland. Check out the article!

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Studying Pastry In Croatia - Djenane Gaspard

"To get the most out of your time on the program, you have to study and push yourself. The feeling after you finish will be truly rewarding. There are different ways to approach this program but I do everything 100 %"

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Croatian Named World's Best Pastry Chef

Kul IN alumna Maša Salopek won The Best Chef Pastry Award, making her the best pastry chef in the world.

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Croatia's Premier Culinary Institute

  • Mission

    Culinary Institute Kul IN is the first private culinary and restaurant management college in Croatia. Our mission is to guarantee you the best professional culinary education possible...

  • Vision

    Our vision is to uphold the reputation of an institute for higher education. We are professional in our work and integrated with our surrounding community...

  • About Us

    The Culinary Institute Kul IN is inspired by the wonders of the world’s culinary delicacies, and is Croatia’s leader in educating students interested in the culinary arts...

  • Program

    Italian Culinary Program


Our programs

The Culinary Institute Kul In inspires perfection in the culinary world, and is Croatia’s leader in educating students interested in the culinary arts. Our innovative approach to culinary education emphasizes  individual creativity, highlighting
the details that each student’s unique background and experiences add to their cooking. We don’t simply make chefs; we make future culinary leaders, and thus change the way the world views gastronomy.

Below are the currently available courses: