Artisan Bakery course

Today’s trends of contemporary life are turning more and more towards traditional and authentic moments that focus on quality. With this in mind, and in order to get acquainted with the forgotten methods and skills of bread making, Culinary Institute Kul IN has created its own Artisan Bakery Course intended for amateurs, professionals and all those who love crunchy crusts.

The aim of the Artisan Bakery Course is to provide you with specific knowledge of the artisan way of making bread and bakery products and to learn about its qualities and specialties. Through 5 days of intensive work, course participants will overcome the basic postulates of traditional bakery product preparation and will be trained to further develop their artisan products.

During the course, the participants will learn all about yeast cultures and how they work on the dough, about fermentation, preparation of starters and artisan doughs without any additives and flavor enhancers, how to braid and decorate bakery products, using various kinds of whole grain flours. The course will introduce you to basic principles of artisan baking, making bread and bakery products out of corn, buckwheat and rye flour, making bread and bakery products out of whole grain flour, methods of braiding bakery product, sweet yeast doughs, quiche, yeast dough and puff pastry.

Class time: 25 hours

*Price: 1.500,00 Eura (VAT included)

The tuition fee includes

  • All training and material for the Artisan Bakery Course
  • Housing near the school and lunch on course days
  • Apron

The countries that display the widest range of dialects are also the ones in which cookery assumes the most diversified forms.

Mario Pei, Italian-American linguist and Language Professor