Comprehensive 2-Month Education

Ema Baniček

My topic for the final exam is the city of Lima. In Peru, people eat sweet potato puree with marshmallows for Christmas. I will make a cream out of puree, the base will be dacquoise with pecan nuts and orange peel, and everything will be topped with cocoa butter, and marshmallows with a little lime gel.

Ema Baniček, who until recently was Kul IN pastry student and now is a proud alumnus, has an interesting take on confectionery. She always says that confectionery is the mix of cooking and art. It requires skill, precision and calmness in unpredictable situations that could otherwise overwhelm you in a professional kitchen or pastry shop. And what better way to prepare for the real environment than through an education program that is focused on providing the students with the real-life experience of working in confectionery and the bustling life of a professional pastry chef. Read the article to find out what Emma thinks of the Professional Pastry and Confections program take a peek into her final exam recipes.