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Damira Josića story

We paid a visit to Baranja, a Croatian region regarded as veiled in mystery both by Croatians and international visitors. Baranja is bound by natural borders made up of rivers, it is hidden by a swamp protecting more than 300 species of birds that have found their home in the nature park Kopački rit, and Baranja’s settlements are interconnected by charming wine roads. The roads that best evoke this area are surduci though – streets full of gators, wine cellars characteristic of Baranja. Baranja region is geographically incomprehensible, and gastronomically sumptuous and rich in beloved dishes  – the flavors of kulen sausage, cheese, ajvar (a local variation of chutney), a wide variety of jams – the food perfectly gels with the best Baranja wines created on the foundation of tradition dating back to the Roman Empire. Adventurers can taste the most delicious game dishes such as venison or boar. For lovers of lighter food, the good news is that Baranja is home to more than 50 species of freshwater fish, from river carp to pike, perch to catfish. Everyone can find something for themselves in Baranja, and Josić winery and restaurant is a place that best evokes the atmosphere of this area; the freshness of the wine cellars and the warmth of the food and hospitality of the people. The Kul IN alumnus and owner of the winery and restaurant, Damir Josić, in addition to evoking the atmosphere of Baranja with his dishes and wines, decided to spice up his authentic Baranja gastro story with fine dining elements. Here’s the tea: