Elaine Young

Meet Le Cordon Bleu Pastry Chef Instructor & Chocolatier Elaine Young

Success is sweeter when shared, seeing others benefit from it or enjoy the outcomes that you have discovered makes things sweeter.

Elaine is a chocolatier of rare skill, a distinguished pastry chef overall, a savvy marketing specialist, and a true inspiration. She is going to share her insights with Kul IN pastry students in an online lecture soon, and we are looking forward to it already. Elaine had been preparing for a successful career in the field of pastry since she was a child, as she grew up loving cakes and baking. Her professional life seemed to have taken a different route for a while because she decided to major in marketing, and not focus on baking at the time. However, baking reemerged in her life and this time it was for good. Elaine’s business and sweet side collided and created the perfect mix. She has carved out a unique pastry career path for herself – she is not only a pastry chef but also instructor, educator, pastry consultant, and expert for all things chocolate. How do you sum up her achievements and career activities in a few sentences? Here is a try – Elaine currently works as a pastry chef instructor at Le Cordon Bleu, where she provides professional patisserie and chocolate training to future pastry leaders. Outside this teaching realm, Elaine is a consultant, providing expert advice and creative input to pastry shops, restaurants, and hotels. She works on product development, menu and recipe creation, creative plating, does demonstrations, and gives lectures that help the companies connect with their audience. She has traveled around the world and worked with companies such as Smoor, Nestle, did consulting for businesses in wholesale production, retail shops and participated in product creation, and represented chocolate equipment brands such as Chocolate World (chocolate equipment), Robo Qbo (general cooking equipment) and Frigogelo (gelato equipment). Elaine’s career truly is a testament to all the possibilities that pastry offers to those who work hard and pursue their goals tirelessly, and acts as an encouragement for those who are still anxious about starting their own pastry journey.