Federica Moore

Traveling, culinary arts and more – Federica Moore

“Being around thousands of students from all over the world is the best thing. Learning about their cultures and teaching them about ours makes me feel like I’m always traveling, and that is very important for me. I learn from my students every day.”

We have all been asked that dreadful question – Could you describe yourself in three words? Well, if you are Federica Moore you don’t have that issue. Federica cannot be described in just three words, as you will see. She is a solo traveler, an avid reader, she plays the piano, sings and paints. Did I mention she is also a professional chef and assistant at ALMA? Right now, you might think that her journey has been straightforward, and you would be wrong. Read about her story of struggle and success below. You will be inspired when you see how the world of gastronomy embraces and believes even in those who struggle to believe in themselves. Get your daily dose of inspiration and read Federica’s story.